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S.U.M.U Chapter 24 Gold is Life


After arriving at the restaurant, Dio quickly flipped the sign to ‘closed,’ locked the door cautiously and went straight to his room.

Starting a business was hard. That’s an undeniable truth. That’s why Dio started his business endeavor in his parent’s restaurant. Besides, starting his business here helped him maintaining secrecy because the people around here were familiar with Dio.

After he was inside the room, he quickly took out all the gold bars and top up his interface currency!

Mysteriously, the 20 gold bars disappeared into thin air, Dio was dazed at first seeing his hard work disappeared just like that, but not for long, he was excited again now that he finally could draw from the golden pool!

Gold bars: 20!

That’d be enough to do 10 draws in the Golden Pool twice!

Sure for those who were loved by the lady of luck, 20 total draws could earn them at least 4 or 5 stands regardless of whether it was good Stand or not.

However, for someone jinxed like Dio, he’d be fine if he got one Stand in 20 draws, and he didn’t care whether it’s a strong stand or not, as long as it has some kind of offensive ability or at least defensive ability.

“Amitabha, the Sanqing Taoist ancestors in heavens… No, no, I’m in the western now. Eastern gods and my ancestors probably couldn’t help. Should I pray to Jesus then?”

“Ugh, forget it, it’s just a waste of time, not even gods can do something about my rotten luck.”

So instead, Dio took out his phone and play a song as his lucky charm.

“Today is a good day…”

After the song was played, he did the first 10 consecutive draws from the Golden Pool.

Lower hamon beads, intermediate hamon beads, intermediate hamon beads, intermediate hamon beads, superior hamon beads, superior hamon beads, The Pillar Men’s clothes X3, hamon combat skills: Zoom Punch…

Suddenly Dio’s excitement vanished, turned into depression!

The first time 50,000 US dollars that he spent, not even a glimmer of a Stand. He got a lower-level hamon bead (Max Hamon energy +10), and three intermediate hamon bead (Max Hamon energy + 100), two upper hamon beads (Max Hamon energy +1000).

Hamon combat technique: Zoom Punch, a technique that dislocates the shoulder to extend one’s reach and dampened the subsequent pain using Hamon energy.

Miscellaneous items, The Pillar Men’s clothes: the clothes that have never been washed, contained a strong body odor of The Pillar Men, and can be used as a chemical weapon in some cases, with amazing effects!

Dio consumed all Hamon Bead he just got, upgrading his Hamon Energy, he sensed power surged through his body.

The amount of energy required to level up Hamon Energy from level 1 to level 10 was: 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 10,000!

After days of training and did free draw from friendship pools, Dio’s Hamon Energy has reached 191, and with Hamon Beads he consumed just now, he gained another 2310 points.

Now Dio’s total hamon energy has reached 2501! Making him closer to level 10 to unlock the second Stand slot!

He still had another 10 draw chance for Golden Pool, if he got a Stand, he could use it as well when he unlocked the second Stand slot later!

As for the Hamon combat skill, he immediately selected the option to learn it. Dio closed his eyes, suddenly the details about Zoom Punch entered his brain, about dislocating his shoulder to extend his reach, and use Hamon Energy to dampen the subsequent pain. Then he opened his eyes full of surprise

Dio was so surprised by this combat skill because it’s not so flashy, but the execution seemed so hard…

If he could master this combat skill, it will significantly enhance his fighting power and survivability.

And somehow, after learning this skill, he kind of forgot about his disappointment earlier.

After washing his face, encourage himself, and then stop his song earlier “Good Days” instead he played a video about a ghost of a dog which visited its family, thinking maybe just like a new Stand he really wanted, perhaps it will come now on the second draw because his hope was dead at the first draw….

He licked his lips because he couldn’t wait to do the next 10 draws, and began chanting whatever words that popped in his mind!

“I’ll go anywhere all by myself!

Even if sunrise from the west, I’ll never give up!


Come to Papa!”

“A flash? Is this for real?”

Among ten, there’s one of them flashing, and when the light dimmed, Dio saw a familiar Stand in front of him!

He got gray skin and covered with golden armor, with a pair of the cylinder on his back, Dio flinched when he saw it…

[The World]!

Dio was so excited that he jumped around, he went crazy!

“Am I dreaming?”

His final ten draws, and he got not just a Stand, a powerful stand! There was no way he could contain his excitement!

“I know there’s no Dio without [The World]!”

Even if God couldn’t help him, he didn’t care!

The name Dio Brando itself is the lucky charm!

Of course, maybe it was also thanks to the video Dio played beforehand…

Dio no longer saw the video. He just closed it and mumbled, “Finally, get what I wanted so bad!”

Due to being too excited just now, his breathing technique was disrupted, which was not a good thing, he needed to discipline himself about this, so in the future no matter what happens, he could maintain his Hamon, then Dio calmed himself down a bit to regain his composure.

After a full minute, Dio finally calmed down and continued his breathing technique and looked back at the game interface.

The second ten consecutive results: five intermediate hamon beads, two the highest level hamon beads (Max Hamon Energy +10.000), pieces of debris, and…..

[Stand Arrow] fragment x1: Can be synthesized into another item using 5 [Stand Arrow].

[Stand Arrow] Ability:

Ability 1: Shoot this onto someone with ‘potential.’ There’s a chance that an individual could become a Stand user.

Ability 2: If the one hit by the [Arrow] was a Stand or a Stand User, there’s a chance they will awaken a new powerful ability. The chance depended on the strength and the growth of the Stand.

Side Effect: Death!

[The World]

A humanoid stand with high speed and power!

Destructive power: A

Speed: A

Range: C

Endurance: A

Precision: B

Growth: B

Special Ability: Stop the time and grant the User the ability to move freely during that time!

After seeing the attributes of [The World], Dio almost cried!

This was it!
This was what he wanted, and he got it in the last 10 draws.

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    I feel the fact that at some point he’s gonna get idk some sort of GF I guess and he’s gonna use a lot of Good stuff on her like a stand arrow for Star Platinum [Even though she’ll still stay useless] and that would be the moment where I take my leave.

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    Should change from [The World] to [Za Warudo!]

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