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S.U.M.U Chapter 25 The World


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Dio was so satisfied after seeing the parameter of [The World], not to mention it could stop time!

[The World] also had amazing potential, with a possibility to evolve into [The World Over Heaven], which was nothing but fucking awesome!

There really was no Dio without [The World], the name Dio Brando was just incomplete without [The World]!

The only thing in his mind was ‘Dio’ from JoJo series was the villain. He liked this power, but he didn’t want to become a villain like the ‘Dio’ from the series.

As for the evolution and awakening of a Stand…

He couldn’t help but look at the fragment of the [Stand Arrow] he just got from the draws. According to JoJo’s story, there are several ways to become a stand user, but among all, the most well known was pierced by the [Stand Arrow]!

Dio from the series was an example of an awakening by [Stand Arrow].

Moreover, back when Dio was developing the game, he also found out that the Stand user or Stand that was pierced by [Stand Arrow] had a chance to evolve and awaken a new powerful ability!

For example, the boss Kira Yoshikage in the fourth part ‘Diamond is Unbreakable’, he was cornered, then he was accidentally pierced by [Stand Arrow], and awakened the third bomb “Bites The Dust”, the ability was reversing time and killing all those who know his true identity, it was very powerful.

Another example, in the fifth part Golden Wind, Dio’s son, Giorno Giovanna in the battle with the Boss [King Crimson], [Golden Experience] was pierced by [Stand Arrow], evolving him into [Golden Experience Requiem] and awakened a new Powerful ability – “Return To Zero”!

Return to Zero could revert anything to its initial state. This included any action the target did and leaving [Golden Experience Requiem] unaffected (i.e. Giorno would be affected by time stop, but [Golden Experience Requiem] would not).

Enemies affected by this effect will return to the state before he triggered any events or any changes, fully aware of the situation, thus creating an endless loop. If [Golden Experience Requiem] killed anyone, they would be continuously put in an infinite loop of deaths, each one varying from the next. This loop lasted forever, and only [Golden Experience Requiem] could cancel the loop effect. It’s basically like a law of “cause and effect.”

It’s kind of similar to Uchiha Itachi’s Izanami!

Dio just couldn’t contain his excitement. It’s like a boy who lived in poverty and suddenly received five million dollars in cash. That kind of excitement.

After smirking for about ten minutes, he quickly consumed all the hamon beads he just got from the draw just now.

His hamon energy suddenly skyrocketed to 13.001 points!

Dio also successfully reached level 10, unlocking the second Stand slot, and he couldn’t wait to equip the [The World]!

He was so excited, then, a figure covered in metal armor appeared behind him out of thin air.

Dio glanced at the panel, and as it turned out, materializing [The World] consumed a thousand of his hamon energy, which was like a world apart to [Pearl Jam]!

Fortunately, the endurance of [The World] was A, so in case it’s not used for battle, it didn’t consume a lot of hamon energy.

However, the hamon energy required to use [The World] for battle might be enormous.

Dio wanted to try out how well [The World] would fare in a battle, but he couldn’t do it here. Obviously, if this place was wrecked, he really had no idea where else to do business!

So he decided to just do it tomorrow in the suburb where there was barely any building or people.


There’s still the ability to stop time!

Shouldn’t be a problem even if he did it here, right? That’s what Dio thought

So without further ado, Dio shouted…

The World!

Suddenly the time stopped!

Although due to the system, Dio was allowed to use this ability, because his body wasn’t properly trained, and he was not used to the sensation when the time stopped, he was having a hard time moving.

The next second, suddenly, Dio fell to the floor!

His body seemed heavy, he couldn’t move a muscle, it’s as if he exhausted himself.

When he looked at the panel, he saw his hamon energy was zero! Before he used this ability, he saw he had more than 10.000 hamon energy.

It seemed like, in his state right now, even with the help of the game system, his maximum limit of using the ability of [The World] was one second, and even that was because one second was the minimum duration this ability must be used before it could be deactivated again… so Dio himself didn’t know how much hamon energy per second would be consumed for using this ability.

But that also meant, thanks to the game system, as long as he had sufficient hamon energy, he could do more incredible things, because the ability of [The World] was comparable to Time Stone!

Meanwhile, Dio was lying on the floor out of strength, A Mage, who secluded herself in the Himalayas, suddenly noticed that the Time Stone seemed to react, and suddenly an intense light was emitted, and then It disappeared instantly as if everything before was an illusion.

The Ancient One, who was proficient in all kinds of magic, also noticed a slight anomaly. In a short moment, it seemed that the time just stopped…

She was the protector of the Time Stone, she saw the Time Stone react, noticed something was wrong, she thought that maybe a creature was targeting earth.

Time Stone was right there, and nobody fiddle with it. So what other kinds of power capable of manipulating time?

Ancient One mustered her spiritual power and scan through the whole earth!

Yes, She was an ancient master who has been defending the earth from the invasion of dark beings in secret. She had such enormous spiritual powers to quickly know what happened on the entire planet!

But she did not find something unusual, except for a few ‘creature’ she had known outside earth, and she didn’t see any sign of Earth being invaded.

Even a demon like Dormammu couldn’t hide from her.

Of course, she was baffled, she certainly saw Time Stone react however brief that was, but couldn’t even pinpoint where the source was, all she knew that it was from New York most probably.

“Maybe it’s about time to appoint a successor…”

Ancient One sighed, she has been bearing this title and protect the earth for so long because she drew power from the dark dimension, and even that didn’t grant her immortality, only longevity, and more power in exchange for something terrifying…

“Bring him to me, and watch over New York specifically, although I didn’t specifically know where or who, I’m sure whatever it was, must be in New York, disaster might be upon us.” As if saying to someone but there was nobody near her

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