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S.U.M.U Chapter 26 Will Disappears


Dio didn’t know that [The World] caused a certain fuss in Himalaya. When a human was too happy, they tend to stop thinking about their surroundings, even after that Dio just readjusted his breathing and slept.

The next day, it was another peaceful day.

It was too peaceful, in fact. That day several people were interested in having dinner at Dio’s place, but they quickly changed their mind after hearing about ‘Dio’s special rules’ and the price.

There is no menu, you just eat whatever the chef cooked for you.

Each person can only enjoy up to three dishes for at least 10,000 dollars!

These two rules are enough to drive away 99% of the guests.

Even the next day, Dio had no customers despite opening his restaurant up to 8:00 pm.

Fortunately, Dio already predicted this. And he didn’t bother to ask people to taste it. Besides, he still had Jenny, who would help attract more customers for him. Attracting one customer was a good start. He believed that eventually, his restaurant would gain enough reputation.

“Oh, no customer today as well? It’s nothing surprising considering you’re selling at that price. If you really wanted to become a chef, let me give you advice, try one of those hotels in the city. Our country’s cuisine was trendy in this country even now. I had a nephew who used to be a chef at XX Hotel, I don’t mind calling him for you, what do you think?”

The first half of the sentence sounded like it’s a caring neighbor offering help, but what she was after actually lied in the second half of the sentence, she wanted Dio to become her nephew’s underling.

And Dio wasn’t interested at all in becoming a chef at a hotel, why would he start his business here otherwise? so he could avoid getting unnecessary attention

To begin with, could a new chef do whatever he wanted there? Of course not

Most people thought that the United States was the very symbol of ‘freedom and equality,’ but that’s not actually the case, only the wealthy could enjoy those ‘freedom’, heck they could do whatever they wanted, deceive others, kill, etc. and they could just manipulate the truth, as long as they had money and power.

If this not Marvel World, just an ordinary world without any superpower, he would rather be returned to China than stayed here.

But right now, his safety came. First, he needed to find a way to survive from Thanos.

So Dio just smiled, shook his head to this ‘kindhearted and caring’ middle-aged woman and said that his business was doing fine, and he didn’t need her help.

Anyway, he only sold his dishes to those who knew its real value. Of course, average people wouldn’t be interested in Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish, since it’s quite expensive, and ordinary people would rather spend it on their other needs.

The ‘Kindhearted’ middle-aged woman clicked her tongue when Dio refused her offer. She turned back and spit on the door of the restaurant on her way, and she muttered something, Dio couldn’t hear her, but it’s probably nothing good.

Yeah, there are many kinds of people out there, and this one is one of the worst kind, she thought the world revolved around her, so when people didn’t listen to her, it’s their loss!

“Who does he think he is? This kind of business is nothing new anyway!” After whispering a few words, the ‘kindhearted’ middle-aged woman returned to her store while swinging around her bucket. Apparently, the neighbors saw what happened, which put Dio in a ‘spotlight’ for a moment. Everyone around here though that it won’t be long before Dio went bankrupt, and they’ll lose one competitor.

Sometimes people said a neighbor was the closest relatives you would have, but that didn’t seem to be the case here!

Dio didn’t really care, and he just went back inside the restaurant and tidy up. Besides the manager, he was also a chef, waiter, janitor and etc. He actually wanted to hire 2 employees at the very least but considering he got an important secret, he couldn’t afford to do so.

Hearing the neighbors gossiping about him didn’t bother him at all, he saw no point in arguing with them either.

What bothered him was why Will didn’t come today. Yesterday, he said that he would come over and help, but even until Dio closed his restaurant, there’s no sign of Will coming. He didn’t even call. This never happened before.

If it’s someone else, Dio might not be as upset, but he considered Will as his first friend in this world, and even if he had problems like with gangs and stuff, he wouldn’t let that get in the way of his promise with Dio, at the very least he’d call him beforehand if something came up.

Dio took out his mobile phone and immediately called Will, he got through, but nobody answered.

He kept calling several times and still no answer. Dio started to worry a bit. The gangs will have a problem sooner or later.

“Should I call the police?” Dio thought in his head

Dio laughed, it’s so ridiculous enough that he had thought of that idea.

So after thinking for a while, he finally made up his mind, he was going to find Will, even if it was very likely to put himself in a dangerous situation, or even expose power.

However, he couldn’t just sit down doing nothing when his friend was in danger. That is the reason why Dio is a true gentleman.

What’s more, he was not a scaredy-cat he was like a week ago, he had [The World] now!

Dio was full of confidence now that he had [The World], and one-second time stop sounded really pathetic but, one second could be crucial.

And if it’s just an average gang, he believed, saving Will wouldn’t be that hard.

Compared with those superheroes, maybe he still had a lot of shortcomings, but compared to average people, his power was quite inhumane!

If he wanted to do it, he wanted to be thorough. First, Dio put on a casual suit so he wouldn’t look suspicious, then he put on a baseball cap and quietly found his way through the night.

Dio once went to Will’s gang headquarter because Will insisted. At that time, both of them were still too young. It was a cool thing to join the gang, but after returning home, Dio decided to never come back there again.

As for Will, Dio’s parents naturally persuaded him, so he left the gang, but everyone has the right to decide their own life. They are not his parents anyway. So Will ended up joining that gang until now

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