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S.U.M.U Chapter 27 Punch and Kill


The black bear gang which Will was part of, are running a nightclub, all kinds of crime are conducted there, and many outlaws could be found lurking here.

It goes without saying that the most notorious gang in Chinatown was formed by Chinese, but there are also other gangs, like Asian, African-American, and etc.

And while it’s true that most Chinese live in Chinatown, not all resident of Chinatown was Chinese.

And the aforementioned black bear gang was a gang formed entirely by black people. Most of the members didn’t even know who the boss was. All they need to know was how to fight. They’ve had enough of being looked down, that’s the reason this gang was formed. They were just a small gang at first with only several members but given raw physical strength of the black people, and the fact that they were fearless, they gradually built their reputation and occupied several locations as their territory and one of them being a nightclub.

But the atmosphere was a bit different than usual around here.

When Dio got off the taxi, he noticed something was off. The nightclub’s door was closed, and it’s as if there was nobody inside, even though this was supposed to be the busiest hour of the day.

Something did happen, apparently!

Dio realized something happened here, so he took a deep breath and walked toward the door.

Out of nowhere, two white men stopped him in his tracks.

“We’re closed today, kid! If you want to have some fun, go somewhere else!”

“I am looking for someone.” Dio was worried about Will’s condition, he didn’t have much time, and these two just came out of nowhere.

The two brawny white dudes looked at each other, and then the guy with the tattoo on one of his arms asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I am looking for Will, I’m his friend, Will said the ‘goods’ is here, I’m here to do some business!” Dio deliberately feigned ignorance about the club’s unusual state and pretended to be a customer as well.

But it finally hit him: “Since when the black bear had white guys?”

The two white men suddenly grinned, and rest their hand on Dio’s shoulder and said, “Yes. Two of us joined the Black Bears recently. Your friend is right this way.” Both of them led Dio inside the night club

Both of them actually wanted to ambush the remnants of the Black Bear gang, but this was even better. Of course, they couldn’t resist extra money!

But going inside the club was Dio’s plan all along, there was no security camera inside, so he could take his time ‘interrogating’ these two about Will.

These two white dudes weren’t suspicious at all, seeing Dio who was harmless as a kitten, they thought he was just a drug addict.

As soon as Dio entered, Dio saw a messy nightclub, broken glass everywhere, and bloodstains here and there. Presumably, there must have been quite a fight here.

After Dio saw the situation inside the club, the two white dudes behind him dropped the act and grinned.

“I almost forgot, Will went out somewhere earlier, but we have the ‘goods’ too not to worry.”

“You know where we’re going with this, right? If you don’t hand over your money…”

“What do you want?”

A cheeky smile could be seen from Dio’s face. Then suddenly, hamon energy enveloped his whole body, and he pushed back the hands of those two, and punch one of them on the chest!


It really doesn’t sound like a man was punched, more like a man fell from the second floor of a building. And that white guy Dio punched was sent flying, slammed into the door, and fell to the ground. Several ribs were broken, and he couldn’t stop coughing blood and finally died. And the other white dude couldn’t describe how surprised he was, how could someone like Dio kill his friend in one punch?

“Oh, FXXK!”

So that white guy with tattoo quickly ran away instinctively, how could he deal with someone who could send a 200 pounds man flying and instantly killed him!

He suddenly felt regret. He just wanted to make some extra money. He didn’t expect to meet a monster here.

Running was a wise choice.

But of course, Dio wouldn’t let him get away that easily! Dio swiftly kicked the white guy’s calf.

“My legs!”

The white tattoed guy rolled on the floor, screaming in horror. And due to the inhumane power, Dio possessed, his bone dislocated, and pierced through his skin, causing severe bleeding!

Dio actually had a hard time keeping his calm because he has never injured anyone. This severely let alone kill anyone.

At first, he actually just tried to knock them down and ask Will’s whereabouts from them, but he forgot that these two were ordinary humans, and he didn’t hold back at all against them. That’s why they ended up in such an awful state.

Just imagine, he could destroy a wooden table with merely 30 Hamon Energy, meanwhile, just now he consumed 300 Hamon energy, that’s 10 times more powerful, resulting in killing a 200 pounds man with one punch!

He felt sincerely bad for them, the first white guy that he killed aside, he just subconsciously chased after the tattooed guy because he tried to escape, and tackle him, but this was where he miscalculated… he tackled him with all his might.

Despite extreme nausea seeing all the blood, he squatted near the white tattooed guy, acted tough, and asked: “Shut up, if you scream once again, you’ll end up just like your friend over there.”

This white guy quickly covered his mouth with his hand, even though he suffered from this hellish injury, he made sure to do as Dio told.

Dio was like a demon in his eyes, killing his friend, and kicking him in the leg so hard that the bone pierced his skin.

Be it, martial art expert, or veteran soldier, was no match for Dio

“Very good, as long as you’re cooperative, I’ll let you live.”

This brawny white guy was about to cry, he really regretted making an enemy out of this man, if he knew Dio was this strong, he would leave him alone!

“I’ll ask you a question, if you hesitated for even one second, I would kick you. If you’re lucky, I’ll just kick your limb if you’re not, I could kick your head, and you’ll die.”

The white guy nodded quickly without protesting, he had no choice but to obey Dio even though he was humiliated, he still held dear to his life, and he could only lament his luck for encountering Dio in such an unfortunate situation!

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