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S.U.M.U Chapter 28 The Feast of the Devil


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Dio left the night club a few minutes later looking indifferent, although he did predict that a fight was inevitable, but still.. he didn’t expect would end up killing anyone.

Although he did kill one of them accidentally, but he ended up killing the other one too in the end. If there was anything he could learn from a movie, it was the fact that once you became someone’s enemy, giving birth to an endless cycle of hate between the two, and possibly their descendants in the future, so he must settle it right then and there. Dio never denied that he was a selfish person, so now that he has choosen this path, there was no choice but to continue forward.

After taking a few deep breaths to collect himself from the guilt, he quickly disappeared into the darkness of the night. And he managed to obtain an information about Will from the white tattooed guy.

To put it simply, a gang from Hell’s Kitchen called Butcher paid Black Bear’s hideout a visit, they ‘negotiated’, but when their negotiation fell apart, fight between the two gangs was inevitable!

Black Bear was a gang known for their tenacity, although there are a lot of gangs in Chinatown, they managed to maintain their position there.

But their luck has run out this time, all their hideouts were found and they were utterly defeated with all their members being captured, although their boss managed to slip away in the middle of the fight.

And the reason Butcher captured Black Bear’s members instead of killing them was to lure their boss Bayer out and finish Black Bear once and for all.

Another reason was, unlike Hell’s Kitchen, Chinatown was not a lawless zone. If there are too many casualties, the police won’t just sit idly, so to avoid the police, they just captured Black Bear’s member and use them as a bait.

Dio who was looking for Will imagined the worst case scenerio where Will was tortured or beaten to death.

After knowing about what happened, Dio concentrated the hamon energy into his legs increasing his mobility, he instantly rushed toward where Black Bear’s member was held captive.

Although the enemy might be exhausted after fighting Black Bear, this wouldn’t be any easier for Dio. If Dio was an influential figure and had an authority, maybe he could resolve this simply by saying one word, but unfortunately, Dio had no such power and was as poor as ever, so the only thing he could count on was his hamon, and his reliable Stand [The World]!

Blood shall be spilled tonight!

Meanwhile somewhere else Black Bear’s members were covered with injuries and around them was the members of Butcher laughing their ass off.

Although the Butcher used to have a lot of member, around 200, now only 50 of them left! Apparently a guy who was called The Punisher appeared out of nowhere and hunted the Butcher’s member one by one. Because Butcher’s member was afraid that any of them could be the next target, they decided to stick together at their hideout.

But then on one day, suddenly The Punisher knocked their front door and murder dozens of the Butcher’s member!

Some member managed to escape along with their boss Rickton, they decided to leave Hell’s Kitchen because that place was too dangerous, and find a new hideout.

They decided to head to Chinatown, because it wasn’t too far from Hell’s Kitchen, and targeting Black Bear was just the first step to take control of Chinatown, after gaining more reputation and member later, they’ll destroy other gang in Chinatown, and take control of the area.

“Hey! Look here, Ahta!”

“Oh, FXXK! You suck! This is how you do it…”


Butcher’s member were beating the hell out of Black Bear’s member, the sound of people getting beaten up filled the air!

“Don’t overdo it. I don’t to lose all these baits.” The boss Rickton was sitting on a sofa when he reminded his underling not to kill the hostages.

Although cases of death are nothing unusual in the United States, especially for gang members. Police in fact was happy if they crushed each other, saved them the trouble.

Under normal circumstances, police won’t bother to even show up to stop gang fight, but if the casualty was a normal civilan and was not part of the gang, the police could no longer ignore this, otherwise their image in public will be ruined.

The police didn’t really want to handle this kind of situation because it happened way too many times, and there was no end to it, but since it became public concern, they had no other choice.

“Do not worry, boss. We won’t kill them, but at most they’ll be disabled for the rest of their life.”

Right after saying that, a short-haired white man cut the hands of a Black Bear’s member with his knife!


Unable to endure the pain this guy screamed. And instead of stopping, other Butcher’s member was laughing.

The short-haired white man really loved torturing people like this, he considered this his masterpiece, hearing others’ scream was the best treat for him!

“FXXK! Shut him up!” Rickton yelled, he was in a foul mood, he didn’t know why but even though his gang managed to crush Black Bear, he felt as if the fight was not over just yet, he just constantly had this bad feeling.

Now that the boss has yelled, the short-haired white man shrugged his shoulder then punched that guy who screamed earlier, breaking his nose, and he ended up fainted, and finally he stopped screaming.

The short-haired white man has already lost interest in that guy, so tried to find another ‘entertainment’.

No one dared to look at him in they eye, which gave him an absoulte sense of superiority!

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