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S.U.M.U Chapter 29 Killing in Night


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“Your boss is trash. He even left all of you just to save himself.”

This short-haired white man really enjoyed degrading one’s value, assuring his dominance toward his prey.

“Hey, what’s your name? You seem dissatisfied when I broke that guy’s arm.”

The one he asked turned out to be Will, Will looked up and glare him full of anger and said, ” Why don’t you go home and ask your mother?”

This kind of attitude actually excite the short-haired white guy, he absolutely loved it when his prey fought back desperately, he would be much more satisfied when he ‘disciplined’ him later!

“Well, I hope you can keep that bravado up after I break bones.”


The short-haired white man immediately punches Will in the stomach. Will couldn’t endure such a heavy blow, he felt as if his innards were twisted, and he accidentally threw up due to the impact.

The short-haired white man failed to dodge it, so his shoe was full of spit now, which infuriated him!

“Damn it! I’ll kill you right now!”

Seeing him losing it scared the hell out of Black Bear’s members, who worked in his favor.

But all of a sudden, the front door of their hideout, which was made of steel, was smashed, sending the door flying as if it was a piece of paper, hitting the short-haired white man in the process.

“Who’s there!!”

Rickton’s premonition became a reality, he quickly took the short-haired white man and hid behind the bunker!

Startled by the loud sound of the door being smashed down, the ’s member quickly took out their gun and pointed it toward the entrance!

Could it be… could it be Black Bear’s member who survived and attempted to rescue his gang members?

But if that was the case, they were just digging their own grave by coming here.

“FXXking, Bastard! No matter who you are, I’m gonna put a bullet on your head!”

Meanwhile, the short-haired white man tried to get back on his feet with his friend’s help while coughing blood, looking very miserable. He couldn’t move one of his arms, his face was covered with blood, and it seemed several of his ribs were broken.

However, there was no response whatsoever, it was so quiet, like the calm before the storm…

Nobody noticed that the steel door which was sent flying earlier had a couple of punch marks on it.

“You two, check the entrance.”

Rickton, with a gun in his hand, pointed two of his underling to check who was responsible for this. The rest of them was slight relief, they didn’t have to be the one checking the entrance.

It was just so sudden, and how could a steel door was sent flying just like that, the enemy must have come here fully prepared! That’s what the ’s member thought

Then they realized, Black Bear’s member obviously wouldn’t be capable of such a feat, could it be The Punisher?

Rickton was cowering with fear when he thought of that possibility!

But Rickton realized something was off, if it were The Punisher, he wouldn’t smash the door and then hide if it was really The Punisher, the moment he broke through the door, this place would be filled with scream and gunshots, and probably not one of them could survive.

So the two unlucky the ’s members walked slowly toward the door, firmly gripping their guns with their fingers ready to pull the trigger anytime.

A golden armored figure was actually standing in the entrance the whole time, strangely enough, nobody could see it!

Dio, who hid, saw everything through the eye of [The World], and obviously, he saw what kind of nightmare Will went through.

And of course, there were guards in front of the door before [The World] smashed it. Unfortunately, their body was twisted by [The World], and they didn’t even see anything.

After taking a deep breath, Dio decisively issued an attack command to [The World]!

[The World] had A grade for destructive power and speed, which was hard to describe through parameter or stats alone, seeing it firsthand was the best way to understand just how strong [The World] was!

Boom! Boom!

And when two of the unlucky ’s member was approaching, they didn’t see anything out of place, but suddenly they felt like something heavy crashing onto their chest, and was sent flying to the edge of the room!

“Bam! Bam!”

Everyone spontaneously shot toward the empty entrance, they didn’t know what happened, how did those two was suddenly blown away, so they just shot desperately!

However, after beating the crap out of those two [The World] was no longer in front of the entrance, it swiftly returned to Dio.

“FXXK! Stop! Hold your fire!”  Rickton quickly shouted after emptying a magazine.

Although guns were easy to find in the United States, they were quite expensive. A gang like them who was cast away from Hell’s Kitchen couldn’t afford to waste too much ammo, and they used quite a lot in their fight against Black Bear, wouldn’t they be at a disadvantage if they ran out of ammo now?

“Anyone saw what happened?” Rickton asked after the gunshots totally stopped

Some of them turned their eyes to see what happened to the two that was blown away earlier, and much to their surprise, their upper body, was no longer recognizable. It’s as if a truck rammed their chest.

Not even one of them could belive what they just saw, especially because there was absolutely nothing in the entrance!

“Hey! I am the  Rickton, who is outside? Perhaps there’s a misunderstanding! We should talk this out.”

Rickton tried to negotiate while giving 10 of his men a signal to ambush in case somebody showed up.

And again, there was no response whatsoever, which confused Rickton.

“Are you afraid because we outnumber you? Or because we got better weapons?” Rickton attempted to provoke the one behind all this while processing everything in his head!

He thought if the enemy was actually powerful, why would he attack with such a roundabout way? He could’ve just busted the door and murdered everyone.

And the conclusion he arrived at was probably just like he said earlier, maybe the was in an advantage either in terms of the number of weapons!

As a leader of one of the best if not the best gang in Hell’s Kitchen, he was level-headed, maybe due to the amount of experience as the leader, he could calmly assess the situation and came up with a solution in a short amount of time!

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