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S.U.M.U Chapter 30 Invisible Monster

[The World] combined with Dio’s ability to use Hamon really packed a punch, but that didn’t mean Dio was bulletproof, a slight mistake could prove fatal!

In the end, he was just an average human, unlike Dio, in the series which was a vampire!

And Rickton managed to narrow down this weakness by analyzing this roundabout way of attacking that Dio used.

But that didn’t necessarily mean they could defeat Dio!

Once again, Dio positioned [The World] right in front of the entrance, allowing him to see what happened there, and without further ado!

“Useless useless useless useless useless!”

With its unparalleled speed and destructive power, [The World] threw dozens of punches in a flash!

Unable to do anything, ten gangsters were already on the ground, they didn’t even have time to use their guns!

Right after finishing these ten gangsters, [The World] quickly posed weirdly, although it looked really exquisite and beautiful for Dio, this kind of pose was exactly the characteristics of JoJo!

On the other hand, Rickton sighed because all he heard was the scream outside. He was a little shaken from this unusual attack.

Any gangs that managed to survive in Hell’s kitchen was definitely a powerful gang, they didn’t even need to use their guns under normal circumstances!

However, their opponent right now left them no choice but to open fire, even so, they still couldn’t win against this unknown enemy!

It was so quite outside as if there was a man-eating monster lurking around outside!

“Use them as a bait to confuse the enemy. Our enemy’s objective was to chip our force. We can’t let him do as he, please. We’re just sitting ducks if we stay here!”

“Run! This is your last chance to escape.”

He couldn’t afford to lose any more of his men, the later they escaped from this place, more of them will fall victim to this enemy!

This was the truth, and they knew about it, that was why they were so desperate, there were about 50 of them in that club, but now only around 30 of them left!

“I’m gonna feed him to the dog once I’m done with him!” Rickton muttered

Rickton untied several Black Bear’s members, pointed his gun at them, and told them to escape through the entrance.

However, they who have just witnessed everything just shook their heads with horror, and refuse to leave even if they were shot!

Humans feared the unknown, that was just their nature!

There were more than a dozen victims already, yet nobody has seen this enemy.

They were looking at the entrance as if it was the mouth of a huge monster. Moreover, there was not single merit for Black Bear’s members to help these scumbags.


Rickton has lost his patience and shot one of the Black Bear’s members and threatened them: “Don’t make me repeat myself, this is not an offer, it’s an order! Either you run, or I’m gonna shoot you one by one.”


“Don’t kill me! I am not with them!”

“I’m just a hostage, help!”

Facing this desperate situation, these Black Bear’s members decided to run as fast as they could toward their entrance.

“Fast, keep up with this group of idiots!”

Rickton immediately ran after them along with his men. If they noticed something moved, even if it was grass, they will definitely filled it with holes!

Dio hesitated when he saw these gang members came out one after another because he knew the first ones coming were Will’s gang member, not his enemy, but it was not like he was an ally of justice whose job was to protect the weak, nor was he here to vanquish evil! He was only here for Will, he won’t even commit murder if it wasn’t for Will

So he was at a loss whether to just kill them all or just let them run away.

However, it was just momentary, he quickly snapped back into reality!

Seeing that the first few ‘decoy’ running in the front wasn’t attacked at all. Rickton immediately blend in with the rest of Black Bear’s member along with his men, and headed towards the entrance!

“Careful, he’s coming!”

Since the first few Black Bear’s members managed to escape safely, he managed to deduce something. It was the fact that the one attacking them right now wasn’t The Punisher

If it were The Punisher, none of them would survive!

So after coming to such conclusion, he knew for a fact that whoever was attacking him right now had no intention to kill the Black Bear’s member, and that could be the key to their escape!

Although Dio was finally ready to make up his mind, since there were too many gang members coming out, Dio was having trouble distinguishing which one allied and which one was enemy.


Dio growled and decided to remain in hiding while observing.

There wouldn’t be a problem if this were a game when someone was about to shoot him with guns, the trajectory was completely visible, but this was not a game, the people here will utilize their gun through calculation and experience!

Rickton and his men were not the NPC serving as experience for him, but a proper human with a normal thought process!

Dio quickly collected himself, and controlled [The World] to go for the backline the moment when the first few groups passed the entrance! So there will be less risk of hitting Black Bear’s members

Ten meters was the maximum distance between [The World] and the user. At this time, Dio hid behind the scrapped car in front of these people. If Rickton walked a few steps forward, he’ll probably see him!

But the distance between these steps was the difference between life and death!

“Useless useless useless useless useless!”

Once again, [The World] threw dozens of punches, and since these people were just ordinary people, they couldn’t withstand the impact of the blows from [The World] and instantly died!

” Fire! Fire!”

“You, Monster, go to hell!”


All the Butcher’s members fired towards where [The World] was currently standing!

This time, they were convinced that the enemy was an invisible monster after seeing something this unusual!

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