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S.U.M.U Chapter 4 Eating a Stand

[Pearl Jam] is the stand of Tonio Trussardi, an Italian chef who first appeared in JoJo’s fourth part, Diamond is Unbreakable. He is the owner of Trussardi Restaurant in the suburb of Morioh Town. 

There are only very few scenes showing [Pearl Jam], and none of them is a fight. For the sake of ‘improving experience of gameplay,’ the programmers include every stand on the series. 

“Is this supposed to be a joke? Just because I own a restaurant now, I get this?” 

He can’t say anything else. He’s just utterly disappointed, so much for his hopes on getting an overpowered stand, it turns out he only got ingredients for cooking. 

Holding a glimmer of hope, Dio checked the properties of [Pearl Jam], while taking out a cigarette quietly…

Destructive Power: E 

E rank! He’s about to faint when he saw this the lowest value means that this stand has almost no offensive ability… 

Speed: C 

Indicating the stand agility and reflexes. This is also evaluated reasonably high for the melee stand. It can be strengthened through training from time to time.

Range: B 

The maximum distance between the stand and the user. E: 2 meters, D: 5 meters, C: 10 meters, B: 20 ​​meters, A: 50 meters.

Important note! This parameter is created by the programmers of the game, not by any means depicting the original character from the series.

Persistence: A

Determining the maximum amount of time to materialize the stand, the higher the value, the less hamon energy consumed to keep it materialized and vice versa. 

Precision: E 

Indicating the stand’s accuracy and the effect of their abilities to specified targets. Automatic type stands are generally evaluated with Rank D or below, with a few exceptions. 

Growth: C

Measures the Stand’s potential, utilization of its abilities and powers, and capacity to improve its overall capabilities. It decreases in rank as the user masters their stand.

Special Abilities:

Diet – The ability to cure ailments through the ingestion of a specific dish. The more delicious the dishes, the more potent it is as a cure.

“What the hell!”

He put out his cigarette and sighed. 

After finished inspecting the properties of [Pearl Jam], he completely lost his hope. It is impossible to survive with just tomatoes. Either he needs to get the next stand as soon as possible or master hamon as quickly as possible. 

The only good news is that his stand is exceptional. Even if his stand is attacked or damaged, there will not feedback damage to him. After all, his stand is one of the ‘food ingredients,’ so obviously, it will be cut into pieces and cooked with other ingredients! 

Even if he used [Pearl Jam] as an ingredient, he could still summon another [Pearl Jam] as it is a colony stand. The persistence reaches the evaluation of A. It means that the hamon consumption rate is extremely small. For a ‘new player’ like him, this helps a lot as he doesn’t have that much hamon energy yet. The maximum distance with the user is 20 meters. So it’s pretty convenient!

“It seems that the one responsible for sending me here wants me to be a great cook!” Dio, who can’t do anything but accept his fate, with [Pearl Jam] equipped in his stand slot, then use his hamon energy to summon these ‘small tomatoes’. 

“Hey! Hey!” 

With 10 hamon energy as the cost he summoned several ‘small tomatoes,’ the little thing was inquisitive, flying back and forth around Dio while calling him and laugh in a weird tone. 

“So, the hamon consumption rate for 1 [Pearl Jam] and the recovery rate from the breathing method is the same, as expected of A-level sustainability.” Dio tried to summon an additional 3 [Pearl Jam], and the consumption rate per second becomes 4. His remaining 60 points of hamon energy are only enough to last for 20 seconds. 

“I am so weak I can’t stand it!” 

Dio, who immediately dismissed the stand, came to a realization at this moment. He’s indeed granted a special power here, but that doesn’t necessarily make him strong right off the bat! He needs to strengthen himself gradually.

Then, he took a deep breath and suddenly saw the most eye-catching ‘golden’ sign on the game interface! 

Friendship Pool: single draw a hundred friendship points. Ten free draws every 24 hours. 

Golden Pool: require one gold bar per draw.

He’s also aware of this feature, but at the moment he can only use a friendship pool.

As one of the programmers who developed this game, Dio knew that friendship pool is only a pool for poor players who don’t want to spend any money on the game, naturally, the content of the pool is  mostly trash, there’s only a handful of stand inside friendship pool, which is just as weak as [Pearl Jam], with absurd draw rate, about one in a thousand. 

To be precise, it’s only ten among a thousand of the total items in the pool!

Well, maybe after a few hundred draws, the player will get a stand from the friendship pool. Otherwise, it won’t be granted for free. 

And obviously, a good stand belongs to Golden Pool. Of course, the player must use real currency to use this.

According to the game, friendship points can be earned by fighting with friends, it’s relatively easy to accumulate. 

But does that apply in this world, he can’t even imagine how to ‘add other people’ as a friend in real life, the friend that he’s aware of so far is Wiljos, what’s he supposed to say? “Hey, man! Let us fight together! To deepen our bond!”? 

Obviously, that’s just ridiculous. 

As for the golden pools which require a golden bar … 

The fact that it uses a gold bar already confused him, for example, which gold bar is required!?

Ten grams? 

Fifty grams? 

Or a hundred grams of a gold bar? 

There is still another problem, even if he really got the gold bars, how can he draw? Is it an automatic process, after he clicked draw, the gold bar he held disappear just like that or what? 

Because whether he likes it or not, he has to use the golden pool if he wants to survive in this world. 

Meanwhile, others who were sent to another world like him got overpowered abilities, he feels so powerless, both his parents are dead, his power is a bit tricky to use too, it’s just one problem after another. 

“Screw it, I’ll get something to eat first, this body of mine hasn’t eaten anything yet. Even if the food here is unfamiliar with the food here, there’s no choice, I guess, still better than dying of hunger!” 

As the only stand user in this Marvel Universe and the only user possessing an edible stand, he can’t even imagine how to eat it.

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