Stand User in Marvel Universe

S.U.M.U Chapter 31 Merciless


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In Jojo universe, Stand was a guardian which only Stand user could see.

The reason being that Stand was a manifestation of one’s mental fortitude. Without strong mental fortitude, it was impossible for one to see Stand. Obviously, those with strong mental fortitude were mostly Stand users, but there were some exceptions.

(Author’s Note: this was just to spice the story up, if no one could see the Stand other than the protagonist, the story would be too boring, so don’t take this custom change too seriously).

In Rickton’s eyes, despite there were more than dozens of victims already, they absolutely didn’t see a thing other than something like a ripple in the air without knowing what it was. Meanwhile, their comrades have fallen victim to this invisible monster one by one, their blood splattered like crazy, some of them were even no longer recognizable.

Sound of gunshots filled the air. Even though this was a hideout specifically chosen by Rickton since it was hard to find, and almost nobody would loiter around in a place like this, and even if something happened, Rickton and his men would have an absolute advantage because this hideout was strategically located. But… what happened right now was nothing like he imagined.

Rickton was so cornered that he was thinking about breaking his way through toward downtown, where police headquarters located, at this point, he’d rather rot in prison rather than dying in a gruesome way in the hands of this invisible monster.

Rickton and his men were probably regretting all the decisions they’ve made, which lead them to this moment right now.

“Come out, you monster! Show yourselves!” Rickton’s eyes were full of bloodthirst, he shouted and shot randomly like a madman.

He thought that encountering The Punisher will be his worst and last nightmare, but after leaving Hell’s kitchen, once again, he had a nightmare, a worse and more absurd one in fact.

“If this really was a nightmare, why hasn’t he woken up yet? Is death the only way out?” Rickton was desperate and gradually lost his sanity. His life experience and analyzing skill didn’t work at all in this situation.

Rickton, as the boss of the Butcher, was on the verge of a mental breakdown after seeing his men being slaughtered one after another.

In certain situations, death wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to someone. The terror of an invisible monster lurking around in the darkness, and you don’t know when that monster will pop up and take your life might be worse.

“I can’t take this any longer.” One of the Butcher’s members was losing patience and sanity, threw the gun in his hand, and sprinted through a narrow alley with all his might.

“Come back here you moron! This is exactly what the enemy is plotting.” Rickton knew this was the enemy’s plan all along, to slowly reduce their number and break them apart. But it seemed like his words no longer had any value, he couldn’t even protect his own life right now let alone minding about other’s life.

“aaaagggghhhh!” the man who ran with all his might earlier was sent back flying in an instant with his blood splattering all over his body, his eyes wide opened and his chest was completely crushed, as if he was rammed by a truck.

Just what kind of power could cause this level of damage to someone!

There were only around a dozen of The Butcher’s members left.

Dio was relieved after killing that random guy just now because it turned out, he was running toward him who was hiding behind a scrapped car. And with only a dozen members of The Butcher left, he was confident enough that he could rescue Will. He noticed that he has already consumed thousands of hamon energy, fortunately [The World] had A level endurance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to keep materializing him.

“Please stop! We give up!”

Right after Dio hardened his resolve to slaughter these people, Rickton and his men suddenly threw away their gun and put their hands up.

Nobody dared to move a muscle, tension-filled the atmosphere.

Dio never thought about this outcome. Usually, he’d do anything to protect himself, including murdering the enemies he encountered. He was in quite a pickle now that the enemy decided to surrender.

He couldn’t possibly let these scumbags go, they might’ve already plotted their revenge as they were talking right now even though they haven’t figured out who Dio was, moreover if they got away, there was a possibility they might threaten Will’s life again.

But did he have to go as far as killing them even though they already surrendered?

Dio hesitated, before this night, he was just a guy who has never killed anyone in his life. But after killing the first two white men he encountered earlier as if a switch inside him was flipped, he no longer experienced nausea and guilt no longer haunted him and gradually he didn’t even care about murdering people, starting from one, two, ten, twenty…

Because of the abnormal strength of [The World], he could easily kill people even when he didn’t mean to

These changes that occurred to him scared him as if the name Dio Brando was a symbol of indifference to life itself.

This silence was like a torture to Rickton and his men, as if they were waiting for a verdict, a verdict of life or death… but they were a bit relieved that the enemy didn’t attack them yet for now.

But it turned out that they were sentenced to death by the next second!

“Kindness to enemy will eventually backfire to oneself, and hurting more innocent people in the process, I’m sorry, but I can’t accept your surrender!

While Dio was speaking, [The World] already made his way toward Rickton and his men, and right after Dio finished his words, once again the golden phantom threw countless punches, marking another round of killing spree!

“Over there!”

One of them who miraculously survived figured out where the voice was coming from, took out the gun he hid in his pocket, but when he was about to pull the trigger [The World] swiftly twisted his neck and slammed his head down to the ground.


Begging for mercy?

Fighting back?

Strangely enough, when his men were slaughtered by an invisible monster, Rickton smiled, and it was one creepy smile.

“You’re going down with me, fucking monster!”

A grenade with its pin already pulled off was falling down in front of Rickton!

Turns out, right when Dio sentenced them to death, Rickton was ready to do the same! Right when [The World] punched him in the chest, the bomb in his hand fell, illuminating the surrounding with dazzling light before it exploded!

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