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S.U.M.U Chapter 32 Odd Scene


“The World!” Dio yelled, and the time stopped.

But what kind of difference stopping one second will do?

But since the last bitter experience of recklessly activating this power, Dio has grasped a knack before activating this power, so right before yelling “The World!” he jumped, so in that one second, Dio’s body will be thrown as far away as possible from the explosion.

Right when the time resumed again.


The grenade exploded, causing massive damage to the surrounding area!

Dio himself was involved in the aftereffect of the explosion and was blasted off into the air.


Dio who was lying on the ground struggled to get back on his feet. Since he used up all of his hamon energy, he couldn’t maintain his hamon, resulting in him suffering some injuries.

It was as if his back was hit with a sledgehammer.

At this moment, Dio was so powerless that he couldn’t even materialize [The World],  even a normal guy could easily kill Dio at this moment.

Dio decided to leave that while he could, the gunshot was one thing, but the grenade that blew off just now would attract the police’s attention, if he didn’t leave right now, he’ll surely get caught.

Dio quickly disappeared into the darkness of night, putting an end to this restless night.


New York Police Department was dispatched shortly after receiving a call from some young couple looking for some thrill around that area, but when they heard the sound of gunshot and explosions, they changed their mind and quickly called the police.

 The loud sound of the siren passed Dio, who was making his escape, he was a little confused since usually the police never really cared about gang case.

Fortunately, he quickly escaped from the crime scene. Otherwise, he’d have to spend a night at the police station, which will disrupt his life plan for the future.

Meanwhile, back at the crime scene, the police were taken aback by the situation there.

The smell of smoke filled the air, the fire here and there caused by the aftereffects of the explosion, dead bodies all over the place, and the faint voice off someone calling for help from an abandoned factory.

“This is… I’m pretty sure this is from the explosion of a hand grenade, how did these bastards get their hands on something this dangerous!” a senior middle-aged police officer fumed.

“Are those bastards trying to turn this into another Hell’s Kitchen? Now we have to stay up late for two days straight because of them.” The young white policeman with whom he partnered immediately complained and cursed.

“Don’t complain, since we got a report, we had no choice but to handle this case, besides with this many casualties, it’ll be our responsibility anyway sooner or later, you should at least be grateful those paparazzi didn’t know about this yet, otherwise NYPD will be in a huge trouble!” The middle-aged policeman said.

This kind of thing wasn’t that unusual aside from the explosions, most of the cases these gangs either fought over territory or they wanted to revenge, and usually, police only came, in the end, to clean things up.

As long as it didn’t happen around downtown and nor involve civilians, people usually had no problem with this, in fact, them killing each other would be beneficial for the police!

On the other hand, journalists only cared about their promotion, that was the sole reason they sought so earnestly for this kind of news, they didn’t care about the casualties. They just thought it was really unfortunate that these kinds of things must happen in their bustling city.

Because of the news the journalists broadcasted, even a trivial case could turn into an uproar, causing even those who didn’t really know what happens to protest against the government. What happened afterward was the common routine in the police station where the superior will blame their subordinates for their incompetence. In the end, the case itself will be resolved for around a year, and there was no other way to sate the citizens besides bringing the culprit to justice.

This was what happened every time a journalist was involved in a case, so compared to the criminals who always carried a gun, the police were way more afraid of the journalist who always brought their camera.

Unfortunately, right after the middle-aged police were kind of relieved that the journalists haven’t found out about this case.

Several news vans arrived at the scene and parked their car behind the police’s car, they were like a shark who smelt blood in the ocean, this level of professionalism wasn’t something anyone could easily do.

The rest of the police outside just looked at each other, shook their head, and formed a cordon to stop the group of reporters from entering the crime scene.

“Hey, do you remember me? I’m the one who interviewed you back then, so without further ado, can you tell me what actually happened? How many casualties? And is it really the work of gangs?”

“No comment!”

“You can ask while we’re walking, I heard that there was a fierce gunfight here just now, and it seems like there was an explosion of a grenade as well. I want to know as a resident of New York City, can NYPD guarantee our safety? How did these thugs easily get their hands on something that dangerous? And why does the police always arrive late as if it was intentional?” one of the journalists asked a barrage of questions.

“I said no comment!” the police who was bombarded with questions didn’t want to answer this question as it would end up backfiring to NYPD in the end.

“Is that how you waste the taxpayer’s money? we have the right to know the truth!”

Journalists had the citizens on their side, cornering the police was child play for them, these police officers were left dumbfounded, they couldn’t get rough with these journalists, at most they will just remain silent.

While other police officers were busy dealing with the barrage of questions from the journalists, the police officers who checked the crime scene already found Will and his friends and currently was questioning them.

Seeing the crime scene the police thought it was just another gang fight, but when they listened to the hostages’ testimony, their face suddenly changed as if they just listened to some nonsense.

“I think you lot are really high right now, what did you take? Meth? Marijuana? Cocaine? We needed to wait until they were completely sober before we can question them any further.” the police who led the team said.

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