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S.U.M.U Chapter 33 SHIELD Intervention


“Sergeant, I think you should come and see this.” A police officer crouched on the ground with an indescribable expression.

The sergeant approached the police officer, and then his eyes bulged, “Is this a joke on April Fool’s Day?”

As he spoke, he crouched down and knocked on a two-finger-thick steel door.

“This is really a door made of steel, not plastic, and …”

The sergeant was speechless, and the policeman beside him continued to talk, “It’s just me, or this is actually a fist mark …”

While speaking, the policeman clenched his fist and put his fist against the steel door, and it turned out the size of his fist fitted perfectly!

“Is this really human’s doing?”

The sergeant who stood up began to think seriously about the testimony of the hostages early …

“Monster, everyone is killed by the invisible monster!”

“But how is this possible?”

“Keep looking, don’t miss any evidence, and ask those people again, what did they see?” The sergeant ordered the police officers again, then and walked out.

About ten minutes later, two black cars arrived.

Then some men in suits and leather shoes got out of the cars, they broke through the police line and went straight into the crime scene.

Sergeant Raello was surrounded by reporters. Fortunately, his subordinates gave way to him, and then he quickly slipped away. After passing the reporters, he met the men in suits.

“Who are you?”

“FBI, these are our credentials. From now on, we will take over this case.”

He saw documents that were brought by the agent FBI, and he was shocked!

Phil Coulson, FBI agent, level … D4!

D4 was the highest, A1 was the lowest, and D4 was under the direct supervision of FBI!

Sergeant Raello quickly returned the document to the FBI agent, and he asked cautiously, “I haven’t received any notice …”

Before he finished his words, his cellphone rang.

He picked it up and found that it was a call from his boss, and he quickly hung up.

“Receive notifications?”

“Director Coulson, we will…”

Sergeant Raello did not say a word and took his subordinates away. And he had to all ties with this case, including the results of the investigation, of course, Will and his friends were no exception.

It was not only the New York police who hurried away but also the journalists. They all received a call from their boss and left reluctantly.

After the people dispersed, Coulson and his subordinates began to re-examine the case, and at the same time, he approached Will and the others.

“Who are you, why don’t you let us go?”

“I would like to introduce myself, I am the senior director of the FBI, Phil Coulson. For your information. From now on, we will take over this case. Until this case is finished, you have no choice but to cooperate with us unless you want to squat in New York City Prison. for several years. “

“Everything we said is true, what else do you want to know from us? Damn it! It’s not an illusion, we are not high!”

“Okay, okay! Relax, I believe you, I’m just curious about the details! Well, how did ‘that monster’ attack? Nobody saw this monster, right? Tell everything you know, and we will make a re-examination. As long as what you say is true, you can quickly go back and resume your gang activities. I must say though, you guys really are unfortunate. “

From the start, Coulson knew everything about site investigations, and even all the detailed information obtained from Will and others.

For their organizations, information like this was very easy to obtain.

What’s really interesting for them was, of course, this invisible monster who smashed a thick steel door!

So, in this case, both parties conduct ‘friendly’ questions and answers session. Finally, after Coulson learned all the information from Will and his friends, he called the bus, then Will and the others would be sent to Aegis first. The medical department of the bureau carries out simple treatment, followed by 24-hour supervision until it was proofed that none of them were related to the invisible monster.

“Mr. Coulson, the evidence has been collected.”

“Good work. Let’s go back. The rest isn’t our job.”

Two black cars quickly leave the crime scene…

. . . . . . . . . .

At this time, Dio has returned to the restaurant, because of what he did, SHIELD intervened, turning a very ordinary gangster incident into a mysterious case, and it was a big case. The organization has begun an investigation using all available clues to find out who this invisible monster is.

Mysterious Eastern Dish hasn’t caught SHIELD’s attention. With this incident, he could buy some time to earn more money, at least that was a silver lining!

Dio returned to his room and immediately lay down on the bed.

Every time he used The World, he was like drowning in darkness. The fact, he was still too weak. The 10,000 point ripples energy was not enough to help him using The World to fight. At the very least, it could only be used at critical times for survival.

When Dio lay down on the bed, he tried to recover his strength and energy by using the breathing technique, and he began to seriously consider all the advantages and disadvantages of today’s actions.

In general, Dio’s actions were courageous. He could defeat a gang member of more than fifty people with his coordinated plan and of course, the help of The World.

However, this action also revealed his greatest weakness, lack of fighting experience, and self-confidence, which were fatal weaknesses in battle!

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