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S.U.M.U Chapter 34 Stark Missing


The next day, Dio’s restaurant opened as usual, as if nothing happened last night.

Will’s cellphone still could not be reached. Dio kept making several phone calls and looked for ways to keep Will from being suspected. Finally, Dio only could send message to Will anxiously.

The rest depended on Will’s luck. As a gang member, although he was a victim, it would not be easy for him to be relief in this case. But Dio was not worried. There was another way to save Will, which was bail money. That way, the police would release Will.

The only problem was … Dio didn’t have money now!

Early Dio spent the $110,000 he earned on drawing a golden pool, so he had to earn more money as soon as possible.

However, what if Will was not in a police station but being kidnapped a mysterious organization? That’s why Will could not pick up his cellphone …

The telephone was ringing!

Dio took out his cellphone and saw an unknown number, and he picked it up.

“Hello, Mr. Dio, do you remember me?”

Dio heard a female voice.

Dio responded quickly and heard a familiar voice. She was Jesicca, Jenny’s friend who came to eat Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish and drive a ferrari sports car.

Dio’s mind subconsciously remembered them, and their ‘wet’ pants. he smiled and said, “Good afternoon, Ms. Jessica, it’s been a while since we last met, so can I help you?”

Listening to Dio mentioning the last time, Jessica folded her legs, and her expression was somewhat awkward. What happened that day was the most’ unforgettable’ and the most embarrassing experience in Jessica’s life.

However, she did not call Dio today for that matter, but about her sister.

“Mmm… I told you last time. I have a sister, and she needs treatment, so do you have time?”

Dio pretended to be concerned and said, “Of course, I also feel empathy for her because of that, but for now, I have a guest to take care of, how about an hour later? I have to check the guest’s complaints about the treatment.


There was nobody in the restaurant besides Dio.

Dio just said that as an excuse. He also added, “This food is very magical and hard to make since the ingredients I use are specific imported. ‘

This way, Jessica would pay more attention, and she will definitely come again to Dio’s restaurant. For the first time, she wrote a check for 100,000 US dollars only to apologize. If Dio healed Jessica’s sister. How much money will Dio get?

What’s more, she had equally rich friends who would not think twice about it. This restaurant once day heard of Dio’s reputation.

This time Jessica will introduce her sister, next maybe her boyfriend? Her uncle? Or her work partner?

People judge that mutual interests were better than human feelings, so human feelings were not so important anymore. As for money, they would rather pay dearly with definite results than spend money only on something that was not beneficial to them.

In principle, the final sale agreement depended on the cooperation between them.

Therefore, after Jessica confirmed that Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish was extraordinary, and not yet known to the public, Jessica would think of using this for her own benefit. In this case, Dio will not have a say on this matter, as he only needed some money at this moment.

Sure enough, Jessica did not have the slightest doubt about Dio’s ‘lie’ because he had experienced this miracle firsthand for $ 10,000? If she was permitted, she would eat three times a day plus afternoon tea at Dio’s restaurant!

For rich people, eating $ 10,000 is nothing compared to their beauty!

Dio went to the kitchen to clean and throw away the goldfish he bought this morning and replace them with new ones. Of course, with the help of [Pearl Jam] for cooking.

With the speed and accuracy of [Pearl Jam], it did not take long for carp and other ingredients to be processed. It was neatly arranged on a cutting board, which was pleasing to the eye.

Dio still had a lot of time left, then he read the news.

“The President of Stark Industries, Tony Stark, has confirmed his resignation this morning. Obadiah Stane will temporarily become chairman.” As soon as the news was published, the price of Stark Industries’s shares began to fall …

“Yesterday, an abandoned factory on XX Street was destroyed due to a gang war. Death and injury unknown casualties. It is suspected that the cause of the destruction was caused by a military grenade from Stark Industries …”

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