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S.U.M.U Chapter 35 Irene’s Snowball


Tony Stark Was missing.

Now that Tony has been caught by terrorists and was forced to create a weapon, old man Obadiah Stane didn’t waste his opportunity and quickly took over as the CEO of the Stark Industry. He was convinced that Tony won’t be able to escape.

But later on, Tony will be able to escape using the scrap material to create the first Iron Man suit in the cave with those rotten first-generation iron armors, Iron Man will be born!

The development of the plot has caused Dio somewhat caught off guard, but he had some expectations.

At this point in time, Hulk should still be hiding in Tibet. Captain Marvel was still in Kree. The Star-Lord still wandering in the galaxy with his companions. And Thor was Still working with his brother in Asgard …

Too many heroes have not appeared yet, but the news that signaled the future emergent of Iron Man still gave Dio a sense of urgency.

It seemed that Iron Man was like the beginning of Marvel, a prologue. In the future, there would be more and more heroes with various peculiar abilities appearing, oh yes, there were mutants in this world too…

Dio knew about the plot, he did not know what he could do and what role he would play in the major events and crises later. But, Dio was undoubtedly trying to adapt to the world crisis, and he was ready to come forward one day in the future if the world really needed his power.

After all, compared, destruction of the world, aliens invasion, and annihilation by Thanos. Did his ego really matter?

However, he needed time, he needs it time to adapt, he needs its time to become stronger.

And so…

“Let’s do my job first!”

Dio smiled when he saw Jessica coming in through the door, and he saw who was too shy hiding behind Jessica!

Rather than seeing a little girl, Dio was like seeing a bunch of dollars bill in a sack waiting in front of his restaurant.

“Welcome, beautiful Miss Jessica, and … the little angel behind you, may I know your name?”

Dio was really good looking. He was handsome but not majestic, tall and straight, and also had a bit of British gentleman character. There was nothing wrong with his first impression!

Although Dio was really handsome to begin. But he was not as handsome as now. The current Dio thanked [Pearl Jam]!

Even a few days ago, when Dio was walking on the street, he has received business cards from several guys who claimed to be scouts, saying that if he was interested in being a model or a Hollywood actor, he would definitely become popular!

Dio believed only part of it and then threw all these business cards into the trash.


He admitted that his handsomeness was shocking, but sorry, this world such a forgiving place, especially in Hollywood. Every year, so many handsome men and beautiful women run to Los Angeles trait their luck in Hollywood. Ninety-nine percent of the people only to end up in failure.

By pure luck, a few people managed to become famous, but in the probability was one in a million. Yet, people still looked up to them and aspire to become superstar just like them in the future, and continued to bewilder the group of idiots who thought they would grow up and become a big star.

And Dio preferred to earn more money through a low profile method, so he quickly through that idea. He wouldn’t do it in this life, even if a gangster was saying to him: “Do you even have balls…”

The little girl hid behind Jessica, she seemed to be charmed by his smile,

She hesitated and said faintly, “Irene … Irene Jones.”

“Dio Brando, all my friends call me Dio, I’m glad to meet you, Miss Irene.” Dio leaned down slightly and extended to Irene behind Jessica.

For girl around 13-14-year-old, treating them as adults will give a better impression rather than treating them as a child. This applied to boys as well.

Sure enough, after Irene stared at Dio with her big eyes, she stretched out small her hand and shook Dio’s big hand, then she felt an electric shock in her whole body, and quickly pulled her hand back again, she looked like her face turned red, like a big apple, very cute.

Jessica watched the conversation between them from beginning to end. She did not participate in it, and she did not stop Dio’s hospitality.

On the contrary, Irene’s slightly abnormal behavior because she feels in love at first sight. For a little girl who was extremely introverted, she was very brave to stretch out her hand to Dio’s hand!

However, she didn’t think much. Even her sister, who rushed to Irene, immediately had to admit that Dio was attractive enough.

And not only because Dio was handsome, but also because mysterious, which was particularly attractive!

“It looks like Irene likes you very much. She even had difficult to talk at home, aside from my family, you are the second male she is willing to talk too.”

After hearing the word ‘like,’ Irene become shyer, and she seemed clumsy.

Dio didn’t think much. ‘Like’ but not ‘love.’ Liking the opposite sex was not a crime anyway?

“Do you know who this other ‘lucky man’ is?” The corners of his mouth were raised slightly as if he was joking.

Jessica smiled suddenly, “The man’s jealousy is really terrible, rest assured, he’s a white bichon dog named Snowball.”

Dio’s unfavorable smiled suddenly froze on his face for a moment and noticed that Jessica’s mood suddenly in a good mood, and then she said deliberately: “Ho… ho… ho… in fact, you are the first male… the human one, that is. “

After speaking, it seemed that he couldn’t hold himself up, and Jessica laughed, covering her mouth.

Dio shrugged helplessly at Irene, who had big curious eyes, and he was a bit embarrassed.

At this time, Irene argued, “Snowball is very good and cute, mom, dad, and sister are always busy. Only snowball which always accompanist me, and will always stay in my life…”

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