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S.U.M.U Chapter 5 Sell!


Dio rummaged through the kitchen to find edible ingredients while using the free ten draw from the friendship pool for today.

He got six Morioh Town’s brick, a white chef’s hat, two low-level hamon beads. And in addition to these things, there is also the original underwear that belonged to Trish Una…

Dio, who is looking for ingredients to cook, can’t help but lament upon his misfortune. He got bricks! The fact that it’s a brick from Morioh Town doesn’t make it any different from ordinary bricks. The white chef’s hat is just as the name implies, a chef’s hat. Not even granting any bonus stats, but the two low-level hamon beads are better than nothing.

Low-level hamon beads: increase the maximum value of hamon energy upon consuming.

Dio instantly swallows both two low-level hamon beads. The maximum value of the hamon energy is increased from 100 to 102, so other than training, this is another viable method to become stronger.

As for the ‘original underwear,’ he can’t even retort anymore. He wanted to discard it along with other bricks, thought that maybe he had some use for it later, and decided to keep a few, and discarded the rest along with the ‘original underwear.’ The game’s storage can only contain up to 100 items, and as far as he knew, it can only store game-related items.

He found some ingredients, three eggs that he put into a bowl, and Glutinous rice…

Because Dio’s family is dead because of gas poisoning, that restaurant is in a worse state than ever. Can’t function even at this time of day with barely any ingredients left, so Dio decided to simply make a scrambled egg, mainly to try out the ability of [Pearl Jam] firsthand.

So ‘small tomato’ became real tomato… After stirring the egg, Dio materialized two [Pearl Jam] with hamon energy. And the moment it’s summoned, it’s as if these ‘small tomatoes’ already know its purpose and a voice is sounded in Dio’s mind.

“Please select the consumer and determine the ailments to be treated.”

Dio snorted and then selected himself as the consumer. The symptoms that need to be treated are dark circles on his eyes and a scar on the hand.

These two ‘small tomatoes’ laugh weirdly! After selecting the consumer and ailments to be treated, one of them suddenly jumped into the mineral water he just poured, and the other one jumped into the egg he just stirred, and both disappeared without a trace.

Dio, who wants to make scrambled eggs, is quite surprised seeing this but relieved at the same time because he can’t force his Stand to be his food’s ‘ingredient’ even though it looks like a tomato.

A few minutes later, Dio finished cooking a plate of scrambled eggs and served it with a glass of white water.

As someone who spends his whole life single, he’s used for cooking for himself, and the taste is not that bad, so he’s not precisely inexperienced with cooking.

“Let’s see how potent the ability is!”

He sat down with a scrambled egg and a glass of water in front of him, Dio hesitated, but he needed to try the effect out, so he grabbed the glass, and drink it!

“What! How can water be this good and fresh!?”

He can’t believe normal plain water can be this good!

When he’s about to drink some more, he suddenly felt like his eyes are burning. In a flash, tears poured out like waterfalls!

Dio was shocked at first, but then he remembered how his Stand’s ability works.

[Pearl Jam] After entering the human body through digestion, it will treat illnesses by destroying it first and regenerate it afterward. Therefore the treatment process is really extreme causing most people to freak out when they saw it.

Dio burst into tears for 30 seconds, he felt as if his eyes were falling out before the endless tears finally stopped. Then feels refreshed afterward, as if he has brand new eyes!

He quickly looks at the mirror!

“What do you know? I become so handsome!” after seeing this wonderful effect, he’s suddenly in high spirits to try the scrambled eggs.

Time to dig in!

Thanks to [Pearl Jam] foods and drinks become much more delicious, imagine if he’s a top chef, there’ll be so many celebrities and other wealthy people lining up to eat his food, and he doesn’t need to worry about money anymore.

He finished the scrambled egg in a matter of minutes, and sit in satisfaction while waiting for the effect to kick in.

After two seconds, his hand felt itchy, so itchy he can’t help but scratch the scar on his hand, which Dio got by accident when he was a child! He knew this is the ability of [Pearl Jam], and one by one, his skin layer is flying off, and this scene is so grotesque.

He can’t bear to see this, but suddenly the itch is gone, and the scar is gone. It’s as if he grew a new hand.

“Wow, this is amazing, I mean this is so useful people will pay a lot of money for something like this!”

This is much better than medicine, cosmetics, therapy, etc.

And without side effects!

At most, the treatment process is terrifying!

And after the treatment, he became even more handsome, Dio is glued to the mirror seeing how handsome he became!

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