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S.U.M.U Chapter 41 Mood Improvement


After that, Dio followed Lisa Lisa to a castle.

“The first test is called Hell Climb Pillar! If you fail this test, you cannot stay on the island.”


A steel door more than 3 meters wide opened immediately, and before Dio could see what was inside, Lisa Lisa pushed him down.

At that time, Dio would summon [The World], but in this training session, he could not summon [The World], and could only rely on himself!

After that, Dio fell into a hole at a depth of more than 20 meters. Fortunately, Dio’s body was covered with oil to a certain extent, and Dio’s body was fortified thanks to hamon energy, and the dish contained [Pearl Jam] he once ate, giving him stronger physique compared to average people.

The wall and the floor were covered by oil in the Hell Climb Pillar, and Dio stood up, and he knew what the test would be waiting for him next.

He knew exactly where this was going!

Lisa Lisa announced details of the trial, without emotion, “The initial trial was to climb 24-meter high pillar using hamon to your bare hands. You can’t use the other methods.”

After that, Lisa Lisa left!

Dio was only alone, then cursing them!

“This is unbelievable. Why did they design something like this?” Dio complained to his colleague from his previous life.

“I already have to complete this trial right after just arrive here. Fortunately, this is not real-world, at least I won’t starve to death!”

But Dio was not really convinced, and at the same time, he opened the game panel. So after knowing, he could quit at any time, he sighed in relief and no longer worried.

“The most important thing to climb this pillar is to focus the hamon on the fingers. Even so, Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli need more than 60 hours to climb …”

“This is the implementation of sticky in the hamon technique!”

After learning this hamon technique, Dio could even run on water like a ninja in Naruto!

It used precisely the same principle as climbing trees and stepping water using chakra!

Dio closed his eyes and recalled all the knowledge of the hamon in his mind, after a long time, he opened his eyes, then stretched out his fingers and pressed it against the oily stone pillar surface.

“I have to stabilize my breathing technique, focus the hamon on the fingers, and try to stick it to the oily stone pillar surface…!”


At this time, Dio’s body was completely unable to move, and his fingers the only one was keeping him from falling. In people’s eyes, he was like a spider-man!

However, when he was too excited, he could not control his breathing rhythm, so the power of the hamon disappeared, and he instantly fell.

“I have to stabilize my breathing technique!”

Dio silently blamed the mask on his face. He was having trouble controlling his breathing technique because of it.

However, once he could adapt, to control his breathing technique while wearing that mask. It will be easier for him to control his breathing technique once he returned to the real world. He will be able to maintain his hamon, even in extreme situations.

Dio calmly started climbing again.

One meter, two meters, three meters, five meters …

One hour, two hours …

As Dio climbed higher, the difficulty would increase gradually, and the hamon energy consumed also increased!

And this Hell Climb Pillar was originally a special training ground to strengthen the endurance of hamon,

Now Dio was looking forward to the final results of his training!

A day passed.

After 24 hours, Dio has climbed 15 meters high!

The higher Dio climbed Hell Climb Pillar, the more difficult obstacles he faced.

Fortunately, this was not the real world, Dio could maintain his strength without eating, and he would not starve to death. Dio could devote all of his time to this trial.

Dio gradually became better at using this sticky implementation of hamon. This technique was even more useful compared to the hamon combat technique he got from his system. This was the difference between the technique he learns alone and the technique he learned from the system.

Finally, after 55 hours, Dio successfully climbed to the top of the Hell Climb Pillar and completed his trial!

When he climbed to the top, Dio immediately lay down on the ground and did not move.

But even though his body was exhausted, his fighting spirit was honed by this trial, he even gave off the different vibe than when he just arrived here, and Dio’s understanding about using of the hamon has also increased, and that was not thanks to the system, but it was all because of his hard work.

“Alright, you’ve completed the Hell Climb Pillar test in a short amount of time. You’ve already shown your talent and determination.”

Right after Dio finished the exam, Lisa Lisa immediately appeared beside him like a ghost.

Dio just could not bring himself to be angry toward NPC, so he nodded in response.

Then Dio saw Lisa throwing something at Dio, without realizing he used the hamon in his hand, and he caught it.

Dio looked closely, it turned out to be a glass filled with water. He didn’t know that the glass in his hand was upside down!

Even though the glass of water was upside down, the water inside didn’t spill at all!

Dio was stunned for a moment, and he realized how much this trial helped him improve!

The principle sticky of hamon, he somehow managed to prepend the water in the glass from spilling by sticking the water to his hand.

The power of hamon was truly magical!

Dio sighed again at this time!

“Don’t be amazed just yet, the real training has just begun.”

“Thank you!”

Dio stood up, not knowing why he thanked the NPC, but it was heartfelt gratitude from his heart.

Lisa Lisa was still very cold, she didn’t seem interested in anything, even she heard Dio’s gratitude, she just nodded slightly, and left.

Dio quickly followed her, and he looked forward to the next training.

Dio thought the best item he got in his recent draws from the golden pool was not Gold Experience’s Rental Card, but actually was Lisa Lisa’s Guidance Card!

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