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S.U.M.U Chapter 42 Upgrade


Dio’s training continued.

Dio used one finger to stand upside down while maintaining his breathing technique. If he fell, the needle would be piercing his body below.

The next training was to Inhale ten times in one minute and then exhale ten times in one minute. He had to do this continuously until he could do it in one second.

Every time, marathon while also doing his training until he exhausted himself.

He even though dived without equipment.

He suddenly opened his eyes and found himself lying on the bed in his restaurant, Chinatown, New York City.

Hell’s training for a month has honed his fighting spirit. Not only that he has made significant progress in his hamon, he has also mastered the use of sticky and bounce techniques!

By the way, he also managed to make the hamon combat. He got to be his own.

At this time, Dio’s hamon energy has reached a staggering amount of 40,900 energy!

Ten thousand hamon energy was rewarded from the completion Hell Climb Pillar, and another 6,000 hamon energy was obtained from though his training while using the mask. And he could raise two hundred hamon energy in a day. It was significant progress.

After returning to the real world, now that Dio didn’t use the mask, he was basically like fish in the water!

It seemed that the breathing technique has been ingrained his instinct, Dio didn’t need to think or control it, and this was a big advantage!

Only then did he understood why Lisa Lisa’s Guidance Card had to the description unknown learning effect, and how much Dio got was based on his diligence and hard work. If he has been indifferent in these 30 days and was not serious, he would not get anything. But Dio did not waste this opportunity.

“That is a good item, but I will not use this card for the time being.”

After playing around with Lisa Lisa’s guidance cards, Dio put it back in inventory. Even though he has learned a lot through this hellish training for a month, it also took a huge tall of his body must rest for a while before using it again for the optimum result. Anyway, Lisa Lisa’s Guidance Card has only passed one of them. Besides, he could use it anytime.

Then Dio took his cellphone and started checking the time, he held training only took about thirty minutes, meaning one day in the fantasy world was about one minute in the real world!

Dio just didn’t know whether it was his body or his spirit that entered the fantasy world.

“Looks like I have to install a camera when I start training.” Dio held his chin.

“Ah … forget it, I want to sleep!”

Dio, who was very tired, took off his clothes in a hurry, and he immediately slept.

At the same time, SHIELD’s interrogation on Will and others has entered its final stage. After thorough investigations, SHIELD agents confirmed the authenticity of Will and the others’ testimony.

After confirming that these people really didn’t know anything, SHIELD agents would release them, but they must follow the processes and procedures, at least to prevent these people from knowing about SHIELD’s whereabouts, or use the FBI for their business.

A knock on the door was heard.

“Come in.”

“Director, this is a report about the case of an invisible monster in an abandoned factory in New York. Witness testimony has been identified, and there is probably no special person among these people. We will release them tomorrow.

Coulson gave a report to Nick Fury.

“What do you have in mind? Just straight to the point.” Nick Fury said, leaning back in his chair.

“All my conclusions and information are in this report …”

“Well, I understand. I’ll see it when I have time. Now tell me what you think.”

Coulson said, “Probably, this is work of an invisible mutant who also possessed super strength, and was probably to exact revenge. We don’t know how many casualties have been caused by that gang in Hell’s Kitchen. There’s always a possibility it was just someone using super-sophisticated to turn him invisible. In short, we still lack clues. “

“Have you checked the surveillance video around there?”

“Our agent thorough checked the cameras. A total of 12 cameras, half of them were damaged and unable to operate normally. The remaining six are far from the crime scene. I have seen the time of the crime scene and asked people in the surveillance video, but we still haven’t gotten any results. Recently, we are short-handed, and I haven’t had a vacation in a long time. So, Director, when will you approve the vacation application that I submitted two weeks ago?”

Nick Fury looked at Coulson with a calm look. At work, Nick Fury was delighted with this capable man. He could entrust a lot of business to him. That was why he pretended not to hear anything about Coulson’s vacation.

“Is that so? Rest assured, I have approved your vacation, and you only have to wait.”

“I had heard these words last week. At least come up to another reason!”

“Then let say … your computer is broken, you didn’t receive my vacation application at all. How about that?”

Coulson was helpless when Nick Fury said already approved his vacation.

SHIELD’s computer was broken. Would it not that very embarrassing for the technician who always checked the equipment on time every day?

Coulson was upset, then he couldn’t get his vacation, but he also couldn’t live such a crucial time.

Nick Fury, who had no intention of discussing vacation with Coulson, immediately interrupted the topic and asked, “Have you found anything about that man?”

“Our staff are still looking for him. The group that kidnapped Tony Stark was very cunning, they left no clues. There is a possibility Tony Stark has been killed. Besides, I suspect that Tony’s abduction is Stark’s personal problem, and if that the case, the chances of our rescue success will be almost zero.”

“Either way, Tony’s father is one of the founders of SHIELD. Even if the chance of rescuing him is low, we can’t give up!”

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