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S.U.M.U Chapter 43 Will Was Released


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The next day, Dio was woken up by his phone.

“Hey, bro! Are you in the restaurant? Hurry up and open the door for me!”

“Will? Where have you been for the past few days? You know, if I can’t find you today, I’m going to call the police!” Dio quickly wore his clothes he went out while glancing at the time on the phone.

10:12 a.m.!

It was midnight, and Dio has been sleeping for more than ten hours, no wonder Will was waiting irritably.

His best friend was risking his life. Meanwhile, Dio was sleeping lazily. Of course, he was upset.

Fortunately, the relationship between the two was very close, and they would not squabble just because of this trivial matter. As a proof, Dio noticed dozens of missed calls in his cellphone while Dio was wearing clothes and sandals, so when Dio opened the restaurant’s door, Will has forgotten about his problem and immediately hugged Dio.

“Hey, hey, hey! Please stay away from me, don’t you know how unpleasant the smell on you? Or did you live like a bum and slept in the garbage dump these days?”

Dio immediately pushed Will and stepped back with a disgusting look. He knew that Will was a little frightened because he has just escaped death. After all, any normal person had witnessed a scene that was so surreal with their own eyes. It must be difficult to stay calm, even though Will survived the incident.

“Oh, fuck! We are best friend, right? Is that how you treat your best friend?”

Dio didn’t say that was okay. The more Dio complained, the more Will annoy him, besides this was Will’s way to vent his emotions this way.

“OK, OK! My fault! I’ll make you something to eat, you take a shower and clean yourself. “Dio brought Will into the restaurant, and then locked the door again. He closed his business at noon today.

In fact, even if he opened the restaurant, as usual, no customer would come. If Jenny or Jessica brought any guests, they would definitely call to make an appointment.

Fortunately, Will also know how bad his smelled these days and immediately found a towel or something and take a shower.

Because Dio usually lived in the dining room, while renovating his room, he installed a shower in the bathroom of his room. Although it somewhat a bit rude, but this was for the sake of his own help.

It was true that in the United States, there were no public baths. Otherwise, he has gone to public baths, that much be how much better option.

Even though he lived in the United States, in fact, there were most of Dio’s habits in his previous life still influenced him.

The sound of splash water was heard, and Dio entered the kitchen and began to cook.

After Will was arrested, he surely gets a lot of beatings from the gangs, and the bruises on his face would not disappear in several days. So Dio would make some healing food to help him recover.

Of course, the most essential thing for cooking was Dio’s Stand [Pearl Jam] …

Several tomatoes quickly jumped into the ingredients Dio’s prepare, and then it was Dio’s turn to show his skills.

Dio didn’t need special cooking skills. Basically, he just used whatever ingredients left on the fridge.

It didn’t take long for him to cook Kung Pao chicken, scrambled egg tomatoes, and spicy chicken. The reason why Dio made so many ‘chickens’ was because there were so many chickens leftover in the fridge …

At this moment, Will, who was hungry, was mesmerized by the aroma from the kitchen.

Will had eaten Dio’s cooking once, but Dio’s cooking was no better than Dio’s mother, but when Dio returned after he experienced an incident that shocked him, Dio’s cooking suddenly became way more delicious than before. And Will was shocked by the treatment effect of Dio’s dish last time.

But it really was so delicious, just thinking about it, left him drooling.

“Here, help yourself, it’s good for your injury. I’ll make food for myself.” Dio brought a plate and placed the rice cooker on the table. Will hurriedly took the cutlery with no manners. He smelled the aroma of rice and filled his large bowl full of rice. Then he began to eat like a hungry wolf!

Seeing Will’s skill with chopsticks, he was like a fake black man.

Will had known Dio’s family since he was a child, so he was also more inclined to the eastern culture. He preferred authentic Chinese food with chopsticks, rather than steak with forks.

That was a good sample of cultural. There were still a few positive examples, and more westerners even accept Chinese food after the reform.

Immediately, a busy voice from the kitchen was heard.

During the day, Dio wanted to eat something he could easily prepare, so he made braised pork for himself, and then took a cucumber, and added a little garlic.

However, when Dio prepared his lunch for dinner too, he was shocked!

“Huh … where the hell is the rice!? Don’t tell me you finish it all by yourself?”

Dio was angry when he saw there was no more side dish. And rice in the rice cooker was empty. There was no single grain of rice.

Seeing Will like that, Dio was worried about the ability of [Pearl Jam] towards the human body. He was afraid that it might kill Will!

“Dio, oh, where did you buy this rice? This rice is extraordinary. Of course, your dishes are more delicious. So I end up eating all of them without noticing.”

At this moment, Will held his stomach with both hands and lead on the chair with a happy face.

Dio looked at him with a smile, he could not say anything.

This was a portion of 5 adults. Dio has recently finished this amount of food alone was just inhumane. Will has always anything ate edible, so Dio deliberately cooked more food than usual, but the results were unexpected, Will has eaten everything.

“Oh, it hurts, it hurts …”

Suddenly, Will’s expression began to change, and he felt heat all over his body and pain.

“Don’t shout, this is the effect of treatment, you will be fine for a while, hold on!”

Will had it coming, now Dio had to cook again. He returned to the kitchen with his dish. It took more than ten minutes for him to cook rice. He would put that dish in the refrigerator first.

Behind him, the sound of Will’s breathing was heard. At this moment, Dio really wanted to say that it was okay since this was a process to heal Will’s injury. Even though it was really painful so much!

Not just pain, he actually vomited as well.

A sudden stench permeated the restaurant …

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