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S.U.M.U Chapter 44 Disguising To Be FBI Agents


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“Oh, fuck! Did you vomit on the ground, you jerk!”

Dio did not think that the treatment’s effect would go this far, maybe because Will ate too fast and too much, so the effect was too strong.

Immediately Dio left the kitchen and stopped cooking, he covered his mouth and nose, and hurriedly ran to his room.

A few minutes later, all Will’s wounds were healed, and he looked refreshed, and Will came to the door of Dior’s room.

“Quick! There are brooms and mops in the kitchen. If you don’t clean the outside in half an hour, I’ll throw you into the sea to feed the sharks!”

Dio’s angry voice was heard from inside, and Will hurried to clean.

After half an hour, Dio covered his mouth and nose with a scarf, held a cheap bottle of perfume in his hands, and sprayed it everywhere!

Dio opened all the doors and windows of the restaurant to neutralize the stench. With all this stench, Dio could not open his restaurant, so he just slept.

At this moment, Will has just taken out the trash, and he even washed the dishes, then Will walked into the door of Dio’s room, and he opened it.

“Hey bro, don’t be angry. I mean, I don’t do it on purpose. You know how strong the treatment effect, right? I even almost cry.”

“You fool, I’m asking you to eat first, but that doesn’t mean you must eat all of the dishes like a pig!”

Dio kicked Will’s butt, even though Dio barely used any of his power, but Will yell so loud.

“Oh, fuck! Do you want my dirty magazine so bad that you tried to kick me to death?”

He grumbled loudly while rubbing his butt.

Dio was just kidding, and it didn’t seem like he kicks Will hard, but why was he in pain?

“Keep your dirty magazine for yourself! I am already popular with women, why would I need those?” While speaking, Dio raised his middle finger towards Will.

Most of the people, Will see Dio as a popular person with good manners and behavior, he will only show his true nature in front of his family and his best friend Will …

“Okay, okay! You don’t need to rub it off my face, I’m sure if you one to be a playboy, Tony Stark no match for you!”

Therefore, Will prayed in his heart, “May God bless me, and bless Tony Stark will never be able to return and continue to hurt the women, Amen.”

“When did you start to believe in God?”

Dio saw Will’s piety, “Just now.”

Dio answered it with his other middle finger!

“Don’t be stupid, even if Tony Stark really dies, and won’t be able to come back again, that doesn’t mean his women will like you, and as long as you have lots of money, whether you’re a handsome man or not. Any woman will be willing and to spread their legs for you! “

“That makes sense, fuck the rich man, fuck God!”

“If you truly believe in God, you will be the one go to hell.”

“Hahaha, even if I go to hell, I want to fuck them!”

“Well, I appreciate your courage, so … fuck the rich man, fuck God!”

Suddenly they looked at each other and laughed loudly!

But they heard a growl … the sound of stomach growl.

The laughter ended abruptly!

“I remember you haven’t lunch yet, right? I saw the boiled pig you hid in the kitchen just now …” Will was embarrassed as he walked to the kitchen, he nearly vomited all the food in his stomach during the treatment earlier, and his stomach was all empty again.

“Eat! Eat! Eat it’s that all you have in mind!”

Dio shouted.

At the same time, Dio hurried to the kitchen to get his own rice. He was afraid Will may eat all his food again.

One rice cooker was supposed to be enough for five or six adults to eat, and a large pot of boiled pork has filled their stomachs.

After eating and drinking, Will also talked about what had happened to him lately.

Dio pretended not to know anything and listened to Will silently.

Then …

“You mean a group of people claiming to be the FBI evicted the New York Police Department and took you to a strange place and detained you there?” Dio was really surprised this time.

Since when FBI was involved in a trivial case like this? And they responded unusually fast.

Is there a connection between the gang Dio slaughter and the FBI that he didn’t know about?

“Well, and they keep asking us about the details of the invisible monster …” Will thought about what had happened that day. He was afraid and did not dare to imagine if the monster hunted the rest of the survivor, the chance was they won’t be able to survive.

Being considered a monster by his best friend himself, Dio was stunned, even the invisible monster wasn’t him, it was just his Stand.

“Wait, do you mean that the organization is not questioning your testimony, or what you have seen with your eyes like the police did before, but instead asking you about the details of that monster?” Dio suddenly felt that something was wrong with the organization. It was not like a normal interrogation process, but rather something that is usually done by people who often deal with such surreal phenomena.

Will remembered it carefully, then nodded and said, “Yes, I was stunned. At that time, some of us were very scared, and then the FBI agent named Coulson came, and he believes we said no matter how stupid it sounds, after we detained away, the person responsible for interrogating us did not question whether the monster really existed, now that I think about it, it was indeed strange.”

Dio suddenly frowned, and he knew he ran out of luck after hearing the name Coulson.

It seems that the SHIELD agent has taken over the case and disguising as the FBI. Fortunately, Will testified according to what his show without making things up, otherwise it would be a disaster.

With the power of SHIELD, not only disguising to be FBI agents, they could even disguise to be Congressmen.

This suddenly turned out to be a big problem …

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