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S.U.M.U Chapter 45 Maybe Spied


Contemplating all his action up until now, Dio thought that he needed to lay low for a while.

Dio should stop buying the illegal gold as it could raise suspicion from SHIELD if he wasn’t careful enough.

Although Dio was sure that he avoided all cameras on his way to the Butcher Gang hideout, there was no telling that there might be a hidden camera or any witnesses that could ruin his alibi later.

Furthermore, he felt that his action that day was too rash.

There was so much action that he wasn’t sure completely covered that day.

SHIELD surely had enough resource to track him down, if they ever wished to do that.

There was no telling that SHIELD might be aware of his every move from outside the restaurant.

Dio felt stupid for a moment, if he had known that Will was captured by SHIELD, he wouldn’t heal Will’s injuries this fast!

Now, if any SHIELD agent was really watching Will from afar, they would be suspicious about how the hell Will could heal this fast!

“Hey! Bro! What’s wrong man? What’s up with the frown face?” Will said, snapping Dio from his thought.

“Nah, man. It’s nothing. Look, if you go out anywhere later on. I need you to lay low, use a hoodie or a mask or something! With your injuries all gone, people would start questioning you. I don’t want to raise any eyes on me just yet! Okay, brother?” Dio said, trying to convince Will to lay low for a while.

Will immediately knew that Dio was hiding something from him, as he knew Dio was using the girl from earlier to become his sales promoter.

Why wouldn’t Dio let him do the same then?

Will kept getting the vibe that something was wrong with Dio after his accident.

Dio still acted like his usual self, but Will couldn’t help but notice that some little thing is different from Dio.

Will agreed on Dio’s term to lay low for a while.

After all, he was going to do just that!

With his encounter with the invisible monster several days ago, Will was a little shaken!

Furthermore, the Black Bear Gang was no more!

After the boss ran away alone, the entire gang’s trust in that man was gone.

In fact, Will came to Dio’s restaurant after he was released, was to discuss what he should do from now on.

Will chose to quit his gang for now, but he didn’t know what to do next.

“Yo, bro! I think I would quit being a gang member for now. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do from now on man?” Will said to Dio solemnly.

“Bro! congrats, I’ve been telling you to do that long time ago! I am glad you open your eyes after a terrible incident happens!” Dio said while laughing quietly.

Dio was quite happy to hear his best friend decided to quit the brutal life of a gang member.

Dio didn’t want to get a call someday from the police or hospital to claim Will’s dead body after some gang war or fight!

“I don’t know any job other than this restaurant bro, but, if you want, you can work for me from now on. You know, I did everything myself these days. Like cooking, cleaning, waiting table, serving, and all that shit. I was planning to hire someone to help me here. If you want it, the job is yours! I am relieved if you want to help me.” Dio said sincerely.

Will never considered himself working as a waiter, cleaner, or anything at all before. He came to Dio’s restaurant as a friend and thus he helped willingly.

Before Dio’s parents were dead, Will was always helping the restaurant willingly as Dio’s parents already considered Will as their own son.

They even gave Will a good amount of allowance after he helped them in the restaurant after a while.

Because Will never considered helping his best friend’s family restaurant as a job, he never thought of working in the restaurant before.

That was why he chose the gang life to make a living!

Will never even considered to live off his friend’s money. Even though Dio’s parents always let him stay in their home without any complaints, he couldn’t bring himself to do it!

After thinking for a while Will finally spoke, “Okay, I will take your offer! Hey, just because I am your friend, don’t give me less money than it should be, and don’t give me any girls’ phone number you already rejected man! That’s just rude!” Will said jokingly while laughing out loud.

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