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S.U.M.U Chapter 46 The Restaurant is on Track


The next week, it turned out Dio worried for nothing.

There was no suspicious person coming to the restaurant, nor any weird car parking anywhere near the restaurant.

In addition to that, the restaurant began to flourish with customers.

Jenny has brought several of her wealthy friends to the restaurant to receive Dio’s promised discount.

Jessica also brought her little sister one more time to enjoy the beautifying effect of Dio’s dish one more time.

Jessica recommended some people that actually come to Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant and received a satisfying result.

In just one week, Dio has received a total of $57.000!

This total earning encouraged Will to work harder than usual. He cleaned the restaurant thoroughly before and after a customer arrived and put more smiles on his face to make sure the customer enjoyed their visit.

All of the customer coming to Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant has already become a ‘Faithful Believers’ of Dio’s magical dish.

The income that Dio received right now seemed like a beautiful dream without a tax payment and cheap ingredient. He would become a millionaire soon! There is no doubt about that in his Mind.

In order to balance the rising infamy of the dish, Dio made a significant change to the restaurant for the next week. He changed the price of the dish into $10.000 for one dish with a random effect, and $100.000 dish for customized effect!

These exaggerated prices were welcomed by the customer as they were wealthy to begin with.

They came into the restaurant with the latest sports cars, there was no doubt that a $100.000 dish was nothing for them as long as it has the desired effect that they want!

Of course, with infamy, came a hassle.

Everyday Dio had to reject people’s invitation to be their personal chef or people who asked to buy his recipes.

Some of them understood after a few rejections, and some of them kept pestering Dio to accept their invitation.

Some of them even ordered a takeout or a delivery, as [Pearl Jam] had a certain range limit from Dio, he rejected all takeout and delivery order he received, he warned every customer any of dish taken out of the restaurant will lose their effect, and it would become a normal food without any effect.

If by any chance, a customer insisted and chose to cause harm to the restaurant, Dio has already thought of a countermeasure for that as well.

A month quickly passed without any incident in Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant.

“Hello, this is Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant. I am Dio, what could I help you with?” Dio asked as he answered the restaurant phone.

“Yes, I want to ask about a reservation at your restaurant.” The lady on the phone said.

“I am very sorry, but we’re already full for tomorrow and the day after. We could make one for you in two days.” Dio said politely.

“Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to book a reservation. I called to see is there any changes to my reservation for tomorrow.” The lady said while giggling.

“Are you the one reserving under Miss Jessica’s name?” Dio asked.

“Yes, I am.” The lady said excitedly.

“Sure, there is no charge for the reservation, it is still tomorrow at 8 o’clock.” Dio said politely.

“Okay, Thanks. See you tomorrow!” The Lady said and finally hung up.

After he answered the phone, Dio sorted his clothes and walked out slowly into the dining room. He had a customer right now that he already served, so he was waiting out for effect on his room as he answered the phone, and now he would see if the customer was satisfied or not.

“Congratulation, Miss Mary! It seems that you have achieved the effect you wanted. Your husbands would be marveled to see you tonight.” Dio said politely to his customer, ignoring a thick layer of dead skin scattered around the table previously occupied by his customer.

Miss Mary, Dio’s current customer, currently standing in front of a mirror placed in the dining room, marveling on her own face.

After Hearing Dio’s voice, she snapped back and answered Dio as she was still looking at her face in the mirror.

“This is all thanks to you. I can’t believe my face could be firm and bright like this again.” She said excitedly.

She came here after seeing her friends looked younger than before. She initially thought that her friends were undergoing some sort of beauty surgery. But as she asked around, they all gave Dio’s restaurant address and said that after eating there, they got their beauty as if they regained their youth.

If it wasn’t for her best friend’s testimony, she wouldn’t come. In fact, she might report Dio to the police for fraud and such.

After arriving first time at Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant, she was surprised to see that many sports cars were parked in front of Dio’s restaurant, and thus she tried to make one reservation to test it out, and here she was now.

At first, she was surprised to see Dio’s exaggerated price, but she went along with it as she figured that if the effect was real, it was not a loss!

And now, she clearly thought that $100.000 was such a little money for this amazing effect!

A 40-year-old woman with wrinkle and black spots were now back to the firm and spotless teenage face!

She sighed as she saw Dio, he really was a handsome guy!

If she were 20 years younger, she would go after Dio relentlessly!

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