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S.U.M.U Chapter 47 Trouble


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Dio was a little surprised to see his restaurant became popular this fast, he underestimated the value of health and beauty for the rich people out there.

When a person was so rich, they wouldn’t value the amount of money anymore, all they thought of was how to be as gorgeous as possible!

It seemed that the richer someone became, the more they were afraid of death!

So with a word from some billionaire was all it took to propel Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant to become this famous!

With a smile on his face, Dio accepted $100.000 handed by Mrs. Mary. He politely escorted Mrs. Mary to the door as she wanted to leave the restaurant to surprise her husband. But, as they approached the door, she couldn’t help but flirt with Dio a little bit.

“I will come again next time with my daughter, I hope that you will find her interesting.” She said while batting her eyelashes.

Dio only smiled at her silently, as he didn’t want her to get the impression that he like her in any way.

“Oh, and you should find a better place for your restaurant, Mr. Dio. This neighborhood isn’t friendly for the type of people like your customer, you know.” Mrs. Mary said as he pointed out all the shady-looking places around Dio’s restaurant.

“Thank you for your patron Mrs. Mary, but I am afraid I can’t do that for the time being. This place is the only one left behind by my parents, I couldn’t toss it away so soon after they passed away. I will consider it in the future.” Dio said politely.

“What an amazing lad you are! Well, farewell, I will come again soon.” Mrs. Mary said as she left Dio’s Restaurant after making another reservation for another day while never stop flirting so casually with Dio.

After finally out of customer for the day, Dio went back inside to relax. He was welcomed by envious stare as he entered the restaurant.

Will was cleaning the floor as Dio entered, collecting the dead skin scattered around the floor in disgust.

“It’s really hard to imagine seeing an old lady comes by and walks out looking really beautiful. I wouldn’t mind coming with her to taste her honey pot at her house.” Will said while laughing lustfully.

“Don’t be rude, man! Well, finish your work faster yeah, and this is your salary for this month!” Dio said while rolling his eyes and putting an envelope with Will’s paycheck inside.

Will hurriedly grabbed the envelope on the table while abandoning the broom he was holding. He was excited to see how much Dio would pay him for the casual job he was doing around the restaurant. He didn’t expect anything from Dio, as he knew that his job was really easy. He only cleaned the place before the customer arrived and after they left and served them as a waiter when Dio was too lazy to do it himself.

When he opened the envelope Dio gave, his eyes widened to see the amount that Dio gave him. $10.000 just like that! He knew that in this month alone, Dio at least made around $1,5 million, but he still didn’t expect to get this much. A normal person had to do a high skilled job to earn this much in a month! More so, this job had no risk at all, he doesn’t even need to spend money on food, as he ate the dish Dio cooked!

More than 80% of people in America didn’t even have this amount of salary in a month!

Doctors and attorneys were some of the jobs that would receive salary this high, but not after a few years and tons of studying!

The gap between the rich and the poor in America was pretty wide. Some were saying that a wealth of 99% of people in the U.S.A could be held by the rest of 1%!

“Hey, come on! Let’s go out for a while! A drink on me, come on!” Will said excitedly.

“Hey now, don’t you spend that salary in one night now, brother! Don’t go around giving that money for some skank too!” Dio said reprimanding Will to be more careful about how to spend his money.

“Hehe, still the same old goody two shoes Dio.” Will said while laughing challengingly.

“Shut up! Now finish your work and go out already!” Dio said dismissively. 

“Yes, sir!” Will said as he quickly continued his job to clean the restaurant while smirking towards Dio.

With a good amount of money in his pocket, Will gave Dio a salute and walked out of the restaurant after finishing his job.

“That guy! I hope that he will not get any std’s out there tonight.” Dio said mockingly.

As he went to the door to lock up the place and relax in his room, the door was suddenly opened from the outside, making Dio’s eyes widened in surprise!

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