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S.U.M.U Chapter 48 Black Widow


“Sorry, we are already closed for today. If you want to dine here, you should make a  reservation first. All the price and details are written on the wall.” Dio rejected politely.

As he saw the visitor, he spontaneously frowned.

A beautiful woman with burgundy curly hair stood in front of him, with a look of elegance and sexiness!

He immediately recognized the poisonous woman of SHIELD is in front of him right now.

This woman was far more recognizable than the other avenger!

She was a contrast, a beauty that doesn’t fit her job, the Black Widow herself!

He began to wonder, what makes the SHIELD caught on to him so fast?

Is it his cooking?

Or was it because what happened to Will not long ago?

“Have you really closed already? It’s a recommendation from Jenny, can you make an exception just this time?” The woman said seductively.

Dio’s face frowned a little bit more.


Did she do something to her?

Or was she just doing her jobs well enough to let the people know about Dio’s restaurant in advance?

As Dio continued to ponder the answer in his head, his phone suddenly rang. He immediately saw the caller ID and was relieved a little bit to see that the call was from Jenny.

“Hey, Dio! Have you met my new recommendation? She is a very beautiful lady! Is she there yet?” Jenny asked excitedly.

“Yeah, I am standing right in front of her right now. But you know that this is already closing time, right? I couldn’t serve another at this time, Jenny.” Dio said frustratedly.

“Are you serious right now? Did you hit your head or something? How can you dismiss a beauty like that, what’s more, she is very rich! I think that you will have a good time after her meal!” jenny said excitedly.

Dio ignored her sexual innuendo and hung up on her immediately.

Dio assumed that Jenny got friendly with this lady over some amount of money. Otherwise, he doubted that Jenny would do this.

“So, can I come in?” the lady said after Dio stopped talking for a while.

“Sure, come on in. I am the owner of this restaurant. you can call me Dio.” Dio said politely.

“Carrie, all my friends call me Carrie.” The lady said seductively.

But Dio already knew her real name, he wouldn’t believe this woman so easily!

Although he didn’t believe her, Dio nodded and proceeded to ask her what effect did she want.

“Oh no, I think that you should choose it for me. I really have no idea.” She said as she winked her eyes.

Dio gave her an in-depth look and nodded, he immediately walked toward the kitchen to prepare the dinner, leaving the lady alone inside the dining room.

After Dio left the room, she quickly moved around the room and placed several cameras and microphones in some conspicuous place that she thought wouldn’t be found easily. She kept inspecting the place and then moved to inspect Dio’s room and put some cameras there too.

She didn’t know that several [Pearl Jam] Tomatoes were flying near her and saw all of her actions.

Dio really wanted to catch her red-handed while doing this, but he refrained from doing so. Knowing that confronting her could lead to unnecessary trouble.

Inside Dio’s room, the lady couldn’t find any suspicious item that could be described as unusual.

The room only consisted of personal items that were common everywhere.

She couldn’t even find any evidence regarding the gang massacre case!

After a while, Dio came back to the dining room with the food for ‘Ms. Carrie’. He found ‘Ms. Carrie’ was sitting on her seat peacefully, like she never moved to begin with!

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