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S.U.M.U Chapter 49 Conflict


If Dio doesn’t have the ability to see every move of the lady, he doubted that he could know the placement of every little camera, she scattered around the place. He knew that this lady was a super-spy to begin with, her acting skill was really amazing!

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ms. Carrie. This is a special dish, right from the pan, only for Ms. Carrie.” Dio said while giving the lady his golden smile.

The lady immediately opened the lid covering the dish and quickly smelled an amazing aroma from the dish.

There are three dishes in total in front of the lady, a Fried Tomato Mooncake, Pumpkin Fried Banana, and Stir-Fried Onion.

The unusual ingredient used by Dio left the lady slightly uncomfortable.

“Are you sure you can eat this thing?” The lady said worriedly.

“Of course, this is my latest invention. I 100% guaranteed this is edible.” Dio said confidently.

The lady had no other choice on this, if she refused the meal, Dio would probably notice something’s wrong. She couldn’t risk the chance to fail her mission. After investigating nearly 50 surveillance cameras, the SHIELD found a strange figure was walking towards the crime scene and then went back towards that restaurant.

In the beginning, SHIELD didn’t really care about this restaurant, but after seeing many people with extraordinary influence came to the restaurant, they became curious about this restaurant. Quickly after, SHIELD found a proof that the owner had a connection with one of the men brought in by SHIELD that day, making SHIELD extremely curious.

With so many high profile characters came and went to the restaurant, SHIELD didn’t want to make a huge fuzz about this, so they down with covert surveillance as their only option. Nick Fury as the Director of SHIELD gave the important task to his best espionage agent, the Black Widow!

With Dio’s age and Black Widow’s beauty, she thought that mission fury gave was gonna be easy! She was about to realize that beauty didn’t really work with Dio.

After planning this day in advance, she first thought that she had caught the target unprepared, but after the search around the house, she couldn’t find anything suspicious about Dio’s belonging.

But the problem was gonna rise unsuspectingly for her!

She tasted Dio’s dish a little and thought that the food was much better than she anticipated. In fact, it was a perfect dish!

She now knew why those rich people came to this restaurant and how this small run-down restaurant would have a booking list in the first place.

Dio was expecting this reaction from her. If [Pearl Jam] was involved, there was no way to resist the taste of the dish!

Dio knew the reason behind her appearance from the start, the moment Dio saw her face, he already thought that SHIELD already knew everything that he did now. Either his cooking or the gang massacre a while ago.

But knowing that SHIELD didn’t come barging, he knows that Nick Fury wanted to make some compromise with him. Either joining the SHIELD or asking for something else.

But one thing was clear! He didn’t want to be an agent of SHIELD or even being controlled by them! Apart from that, if SHIELD came up with mutual cooperation, he wouldn’t reject their offer! He knew that the SHIELD was rich! If they were willing to pay for Dio’s work, then he wouldn’t mind.

“How about the dish? Ms. Carrie. Do you like it?” Dio asked politely.

“It tastes pretty good! I haven’t tasted anything like this before. I never have any confidence finding such novelty.” She said wonderingly.

While she was talking, suddenly her expression changed! She kicked the table forcefully, causing all the food on the table to be spilled around the floor! When she stood up straight, she pointed a gun to Dio’s head.

“What did you put in it?” She said nervously.

She was currently experiencing a severe cramp in her abdomen, making her sweated uncontrollably from resisting the pain. With her training and long-time experiences in the field, she had a strong tenacity to continue her mission!

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