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S.U.M.U Chapter 50 Conflict Escalation


With a flipped table and a lady with a gun pointed at him, he was slightly annoyed. If it were before he had [The World] at his disposal, he would be nervous right now. He calmly sighed as he looks at her boringly.

“What did you put in there! Why is my stomach aching!” The lady said as she continued to point the gun at Dio.

“As you can see in the mess you have made, there are just common ingredients and some medicinal herbs. And what is with that outrageous reaction just now!” Dio said with an annoyed tone.

At this point, the lady already fell to her knees from resisting the pain in her stomach.

“Send two people in, and call medic quickly! I have been poisoned!” The lady shouted.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea here Ms.Carrie. Clearly, you don’t have any clue about my treatment here. This is all just a normal treatment reaction. And plus, I don’t want this night ended by some dead agent body on my doorstep.” Dio said calmly.

“A normal reaction?” The lady said, confused by Dio’s calmness.

Dio was talking out of a hassle, he didn’t know the Black Widow would act out of hand like this. So he just nodded his head and let her decide her next action.

There was a flash of doubts in the lady’s eyes, she clearly remembered seeing the treatment process were ‘extravagant’ in SHIELD reports yesterday, but there was no more data provided regarding this treatment process.

She didn’t know how this process started and ended, she still didn’t know if this was really the process that the report actually meant.

“Back off! Don’t move any closer! if you take another step, I’ll shoot!” Black Widow said as Dio moved towards her.

As she couldn’t withstand the pain any longer and Dio still walked toward her nonchalantly, she gritted her teeth and immediately took a shot on Dio’s right leg!

This was a procedure at SHIELD.

An agent was required to subdue the talented subject if necessary, the death of the subject was intolerable.

As she shot the gun on her grip, she was shocked!

The bullet hit Dio’s leg, but a metal sound was heard!

As Natasha the Black Widow looked at the supposedly hurting leg that she shot just now, she was even more shocked!

There were no injuries whatsoever. Furthermore, the pants that Dio was wearing wasn’t affected at all! There was no bullet in those pants!

Shocked by this unexpected result, she immediately shouted and shot 3 more times towards Dio, this time aiming at his head, neck, and heart!

She thought that Dio was wearing some kind of high tech equipment or really had some kind of superpower. So when she fired her guns, she quickly jumped toward the door to evacuate herself.

“The target is out of control! A normal firearm doesn’t have any effects! Reinforce with a more powerful weapon immediately!” She shouts toward her agents.

“Right Away! A second-team would arrive at the restaurant right away!” A voice was heard through her headpiece.

After hearing that, Natasha sighed in relief. She turned her body to check on Dio, as she still didn’t know how to handle him.

On the restaurant, Dio who was fully enveloped by Hamon Energy, sustaining the Hamon to bounce every bullet from him, he was clearly irritated!

He quickly focused some Hamon Energy toward his feet, and instantly closed the distance between him and Natasha in an instant!

Natasha was startled to see Dio super-fast speed, she quickly threw her gun at Dio and whip kicked Dio immediately.

She tried to render him out of balance to gain ground in the fight!

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