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S.U.M.U Chapter 51 Overkill


Natasha tried to knock Dio off balance, she whips kicked Dio’s leg like it was her last resort!

With her physical fitness which was beyond the average people, her kick could be lethal to some people!

But even then, the surprise didn’t stop there!

Dio caught her legs as they were close to him!

After that, Dio quickly pulled Natasha’s leg towards him and catch her by her throat!

At the same time, two agents of SHIELD came for her support and pointed their guns at Dio.

Black Widow was still struggling to break off from Dio’s grip.

She tried to stab Dio with a hidden dagger, but, no matter how hard she tried to stabs Dio, her dagger couldn’t break the protective barrier around Dio!

Natasha was regretting her reckless move by every passing second, she couldn’t rely on the two agents near her.

She knew, and they also know that the guns at their hands weren’t even a bargaining chip to begin with!

“Let her go!” The agents said as they couldn’t bear the scene of the struggling Black Widow.

Two more agents appeared behind them, but the promised heavy weapons weren’t with them still!

Dio thought of something fun to mess with these agents and summoned [The World] and used it to disarm the guns from the agent’s hands.

The agents were all surprised to see their gun was destroyed in their grips, and immediately knew that the invisible monster from the report was near them and could kill them at any moment.

“Like I said! I don’t like guns pointed at me! Try that again and see what happens!” Dio said, annoyed by the hassle SHIELD brought him.

”Now, can you listen to what I’m about to  say?” Dio said, frustrated.

He let go of Natasha as he deemed that everyone was already on edge enough.

Natasha dropped to the ground and coughed, as Dio’s grip on her neck was actually suffocating her.

As she could breathe normally again, she realizes that her reaction was a little bit over the top, and immediately knows that Dio wasn’t hostile!

“This seems to be a misunderstanding. Stand down, agents!” She said confidently.

Dio felt annoyed, he didn’t want to have anything to do with SHIELD, but it seemed that he would be bothered by them now. But then again, the agents in front of him still had no intention of leaving, and she looked at them with a raised eyebrow.

Natasha noticed Dio’s look immediately ordered her agents to go back to the car until further notice.

The agents interpreted her order as ‘Go back to the car and call for reinforcement from the HQ!’ But the truth is she didn’t feel any hostility from Dio and now, she just wanted to make Dio comfortable with the situation!

After all the agents left, Dio quickly let Natasha go in again.

“I think you should finish your treatment inside, the pain has been unbearable, right?” Dio said with a smile on his face.

She followed Dio inside and then sit on the chair once again, now that her adrenaline rush was over, she felt the tremendous pain on her abdomen.

Even with her superhuman genetic modification, she still felt this pain!

With her 82years of life, this is the first time after she underwent the genetic modification that she felt extreme pain.

She has accumulated many injuries and many poisons from her years as an agent, and that was the exact thing that Dio has been targeted with his [Pearl Jam].

Dio knew that in the end, Black Widow died from accumulated toxin on her bloodstream and accumulated injuries that made her autoimmune to go haywire in the end from the comic books he read.

He even knew that Black Widow tried to prolong her life by taking drugs.

Although still feeling the pain, Natasha also instinctively felt that her body became lighter every second passed.

She ultimately vomited and pissed a blue liquid that made her extremely uncomfortable. But after that, she felt refreshed and much better than before!

She feels that she could jump higher and run faster than before!

She was embarrassed when she thought about the treatment process, which just happened to her.

It was clear that Dio didn’t do anything hostile towards her!

Sure, the process was extremely painful, but it was all worth the result she got.

Dio’s magical cuisine was real, and it was amazing!

“I am sorry for my misconduct earlier, and thank you for the extraordinary treatment!” She said seductively.

Although she was ashamed for what she did, she couldn’t help but flirt with Dio as it was in her nature.

She never felt this good since forever!

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