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S.U.M.U Chapter 57 SHIELD Base


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The last draws gave him a bunch of lower-level Hamon Beads, a Radio, and a pet card!

When Dio saw this pet card, he vaguely remembered that when developing the game, he and his team created this pet system to make things more interesting for the user.

This pet card should be able to tame a creature that could be considered a pet without a need to train them first.

So he opened the card and read the detailed description of the item.

Pet Card [Common]: Can be used to capture a beast and tame them as a pet! Common card has a low chance of success and was more effective if it was used to a low intelligence creature.

With this detailed information of Pet Card, Dio immediately knew that he couldn’t use this card on something like the Rocket Raccoon, Groot, or other creatures with high intelligence!

So he should refrain from using the card carelessly.

With this knowledge, Dio tossed the Pet Card to his inventory.

This card wasn’t as good as he thought.

The radio that he got at the same time as the pet card was even more useless.

It was just the same old radio everyone could find anywhere.

He tossed the radio to his inventory just like the pet card before.

He couldn’t wait to dispose of all useless items in his inventory in the future!

Dio began to investigate the newly found Hamon Combat Technique that he got from the draw.

That was the [Defense] Hamon Combat Technique.

That technique was a pure defense technique that utilized the Hamon Energy to block incoming damage.

This was very useful, as it could be applied on a weapon too, making the weapon sturdier and more durable.

After he learned the new Hamon Combat Technique, he quickly ate all of the Hamon Beads he got from the draws just now.

After he ate all of them, his Hamon Energy reached 80.350!

He already exceeded half of the energy needed for unlocking his next Stand Slot!

In the next day, Dio was mildly annoyed to see Will came to the restaurant very late in the noon.

He knew that Will must be sleeping with some chick that he found in the bar, but Dio was annoyed that even if he was late, he still turned up with a slothful attitude.

As to not argue with Will, while he was having so many more problems to think of, he let it slide for now.

There was no more abnormal activity around his restaurant for the time being, but the SHIELD has sent him many messages asking about when he would come to SHIELD to undergo the ability assessment, but he ignored those messages for now.

At 7 P.M, Dio closed his restaurant for the day and then dismissed Will in a few words, with the way things went, he was too tired to even exchange some banter with his only friend.

Just a minute after Will was leaving the restaurant, a brand new black car immediately parked in front of the restaurant.

Black Widow immediately left the car and walked toward the restaurant door with a stride.

“Are you really gonna ignore the director’s message every time?” Natasha said with an amused look on her face.

“You know that no one ignores Nick Fury right?” She said while giggling to Dio.

“No, that’s not intentional. But I am busy these last few days.” Dio said honestly.

“Are you here to pick me up so that I can collect the bill I send personally?” He asked casually while locking the brand-new restaurant door.

Seeing that Dio didn’t show any trace of fear, Natasha became more excited.

“You really are confident, aren’t you worried about your safety?” Natasha said amusingly.

“Of course. But I am an apostle of peace! So, I hope that today would be peaceful too. Or are you saying that I should be afraid when I walk in there? Or did you already lay your traps?” Dio said, suspiciously.

At the same time as he finished speaking, strong winds blew towards Natasha, startling her unexpectedly.

Natasha knew that at the moment, the unspeakable invisible creature was in the vicinity, she looked at Dio as the man entered the cars like some royalty of a magnanimous country.

SHIELD never really understood the truth behind Dio’s power, and it seems like it would take some extra effort to make Dio an ally or even join the SHIELD!

After controlling her breath, Natasha entered the car and ordered the agent in the driver seat to go to the suburb.

At the suburb, a helicopter was already waiting for Natasha and Dio’s arrival.

They quickly entered the helicopter and headed to the Triskelion Building in Washington.

This building was made to look like a public service building, but in reality, this building was the Headquarter for SHIELD!

They arrived in the Triskelion Building without spending any time to converse with one another.

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