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S.U.M.U Chapter 58 Nick Fury Appears


Following Natasha into the building, Dio noticed that the places really looked normal from outside.

But once he was inside, Dio started to see many science-fiction types of equipment in various rooms.

After walking through the hall of the building, finally, Natasha ordered Dio to go into a glass encased room.

“I already said that I am here to collect some debts. I am not here to be your guinea pig! I am out of here!” Dio said as he started to walks back toward the exit.

“Isn’t this what you want?” Nick Fury said after suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

He gave the case that he was holding to Dio.

Dio’s eyebrows were raised as he saw Nick Fury came in person to see him.

He immediately snatched the case from Fury and took a look at the content.

It was money!

Lots of money in the case.

“This is our director, Mr. Nick Fury.” Natasha said as he introduced Nick Fury to Dio.

“The case has a total of 200.000$, it is a little bit more money than you asked for, but I wish that you could cooperate with us for a while.” Nick Fury said confidently.

Dio thought of Fury’s move for a while.

He knew that Fury added more money to persuade Dio.

But he was mistaken to think that he could tame Dio for just a little bit of money.

“Thank you, director Fury, I sure would love to do so.” Dio said humbly.

Well, let’s just see what this baldie had in mind, Dio thought to himself.

Nick Fury proceeded to shake Dio’s hand and then explained what Dio had to do to finish the physical assessment of SHIELD.

Dio was starting to believe that receiving this extra amount of money was a mistake!

The procedural process of SHIELD was really starting to annoy him.

“Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Since this is your job, I will cooperate for now. I hope that you could do your job properly.” Dio said, cutting through Nick Fury’s explanation.

“I hope so!” Nick Fury said with an in-depth look on his face.

Dio immediately entered the glass-encased room that Natasha told him earlier.

Dio saw that there was almost nothing inside and the only thing that worth mentioning was the steel plate that stood in the middle of the room.

Dio walked toward the glass wall and touched it to see what that glass was made of, and noticed that the glass was irregularly sturdy!

He could destroy it for sure, but it would take a considerable amount of Hamon energy to do so, which was already a hassle to begin with.

“The first test is the test of strength! Please hit the steel plate in front of you as hard as you could.” Nick Fury said through the speaker.

Dio didn’t want to expose his real strength to SHIELD that fast, so he used a small amount of Hamon Energy on his fist and then punched the steel plate in front of him.

The sound was pretty good in Dio’s opinion, but his punch didn’t seem to do any damage to the steel plate.

Seeing the steel plate didn’t receive any damage, Dio was a little bit surprised.

Even though he only used a small portion of Hamon Energy, it should be sufficient enough to break any bones on the human’s body.

At the very least, this steel plate should bend a little bit!

But that was fine, Dio thought that Nick Fury would surely leave him alone after seeing that he was not that powerful.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury in the control room was frowning a little bit.

He was currently looking at the data of Dio’s punch which was inconsistent with the blow on the metal door from the Gang Massacre Incident before.

Nick Fury started to look at Dio on the screen with a gloomy face.

‘You aren’t the only one who can play this game!’ Fury said to himself!

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