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S.U.M.U Chapter 59 Hamon Power


Taking the power that the Spider Man had as a measure, Dio really wasn’t that powerful.

Nick Fury immediately noticed that Dio must be hiding his real power.

This wasn’t the very first time anyone did this kind of bullshit, but Dio will not be the last!

“Let me talk to him for a minute!” Nick Fury said, silencing the room.

“You have an amazing performance! But my intuition tells me that isn’t the best you can do. So, I am very sorry to inform you that you will be detained here for a little while. I wish I was joking, although this isn’t funny at all.” Nick Fury said seriously.

Natasha froze on her spot after hearing Nick Fury’s word.

She forgot to inform him not to irritate Dio too much, but now it was all too late!

“It really is a pathetic joke if I’ve ever seen one! So, you think you can trap me here?” Dio said grimly.

Nick Fury looked at Dio through the glasses while smirking, he chose to remain silent as to not rile Dio any further.

Seeing Nick Fury’s action, Dio’s complexion suddenly sank!

He already anticipated the worst-case scenario about SHIELD, and now he hated to use it like this!

“You will regret ever crossing me here, Fury!” Dio said as he condensed his Hamon Energy in his fist.

Slowly, the Hamon energy began to manifest as a spark of white colors that could be seen by anyone.

Seeing this power fluctuating from Dio, all scientists took a step back and were ready to evacuate the room.

“Director, this place is dangerous, we need to evacuate!” Said one of the scientists to Nick Fury.

“No! I have to see this!” Nick Fury said stubbornly.

He had never seen anyone powerful enough to break the glass except hulk!

And hulk was a monster, that was a well-known fact!

But subconsciously Nick Fury touched his blindfold and he suddenly remembered that cute and fluffy thing could be the most dangerous thing that one could encounter!

At the same moment, Dio has condensed thousands of his Hamon Energy into his right fist.

He stopped at 10.000 points and added the [Strength] Hamon Technique into it.

With the addition of Hamon Technique, ripple on the air was created, even the lights seemed to be distorted!

This phenomenon immediately caught everyone’s attention as their primal fear began to manifest!

“Everyone leave now!” Natasha shouts to everyone in the room.

Nick Fury himself began to notice that he will not be safe here and began to run towards the exit.

But it was all too late!

Dio released his punch towards the Glass encasement in front of him, immediately destroying the glass wall and the condensed Hamon Energy even destroyed the room where Nick Fury was before and then continuously destroyed three rooms after that!

Even Dio was quite surprised himself, after seeing the amount of destruction the condensed Hamon energy do.

This attack did have some effect towards Dio himself, his hands was still trembling from the strong impact just now, but it will be fine in a couple of minutes.

Dio realized that he needed to start working out again, as he realized that his body couldn’t stand this pressure repeatedly.

As he felt better, he walked out from the now destroyed glass containment room.

As soon as he exited, many guard immediately surrounded him while pointing a gun towards him.

Dio frowned upon seeing this situation, he didn’t like when a gun was pointed at him!

“Did the baldie die?” Dio asked the guard.

As he asked this question, Nick Fury came out of the rubble with Natasha on his side.

Nick Fury didn’t escape the room scotch-free either, there was an a wound on the top of his head.

“Now, you got your wish, Director Fury!” Dio said casually.

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