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S.U.M.U Chapter 60 A Choice


“I must say that you really gave me a big surprise.” Nick Fury said while ignoring the intense atmosphere.

Nick Fury didn’t order his guards to shoot as he didn’t feel any murderous intent from Dio.

He knew that if Dio really meant to kill him just now, he would be dead!

But the most worrisome of all was the fact that Dio didn’t show any fear from this much gun pointed at him, and Nick Fury didn’t know how this young man could be that fearless!

Was it because guns wouldn’t have any effect on him, or was there something more to it?

Either way, Nick Fury knew that the invisible monster wasn’t there then, as he already installed many thermal vision cameras in advance.

Considering many possibilities, Nick Fury decided not to agitate Dio any further and ordered his guard to stand down!

“Director, you need to dress your wound!” Natasha said nervously to Nick Fury.

All agents started to return to their designated post, and the ones who were initially stationed around the destroyed place were now standing in the corner waiting for new orders.

Seeing that Nick Fury didn’t order any of his guards to be around him made Dio respected Nick Fury a little bit.

He really was fearless and full of caution.

No wonder that when Hydra came out and took over the SHIELD, Nick Fury still found a way to resist!

It was no wonder that he even bent some of the most stubborn people in the world to join the Avenger program that he dreamed of the most.

As the worst situation passed, Dio began to relax a bit and released the Defensive Hamon that covered all his body, in case some one-shot him.

“I immediately regretted agitating you like that, look at all this! Do you know how much this reparation would cost me? Especially those pieces of equipment on the room you blasted, that $200.000 I gave you just now wouldn’t cover anything here.” Nick Fury said wryly.

“Well, I didn’t know it would turn out this way. You said it yourself that your protective glass wall was sturdy enough, I didn’t expect it to crumble like normal glass. If I knew that wall was fragile, I would hold back a little bit.” Dio said teasingly.

Dio’s word stabbed through Nick Fury’s heart.

Dio just said that the equipment that he spent a fortune building and researching was nothing!

He decided that it was time for SHIELD to upgrade all the equipments even though he just upgraded all the equipments three months ago, this was all for a better future!

“The responsibility and compensation of this damage were all on me, as for the next evaluation you need to. . .” Nick Fury said as he was immediately being interrupted by Dio.

“No, I don’t think that the next evaluation would be necessary. In case the problem like this happens again, I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back.” Dio said confidently.

Dio knew that he must have the upper hand speaking with Nick Fury.

Otherwise, Nick Fury would be ordering him around like some staff member.

He couldn’t let Nick Fury set the pace!

Nick Fury was silent for a while and then nodded his head.

“Sure, I don’t want to be bombarded with a stupid question again when I propose more funding!” Nick Fury said in a joking manner.

“Then, it is better to have a heart to heart chat in my office. You can wait there as I go and bandage this wound a little bit. You are the first person who wants to cooperate with SHIELD in a private capacity.” Nick Fury said seriously.

“How about we chat on the lounge there? I don’t like the serious atmosphere in the office. The lounge would be a better place to chat.” Dio said while smiling innocently at Nick Fury.

Nick Fury immediately noticed that Dio had a very interesting character, and he would look forward to their next encounter!

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