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S.U.M.U Chapter 61 The Eye You Lost


Going to Nick Fury’s office?

Dio wasn’t stupid enough to say yes to that!

As the Director of SHIELD, his office would be rigged with so many protective measures.

It would be a hassle for Dio if such a thing happened!

“No problem, but before that, I need to tend my wound first. Agent Natasha would take you there herself.” Nick Fury said while signaling for Natasha to come close.

“How about letting me do it instead? I can treat your wound for you!” Dio said as he didn’t want to lose sight of Nick Fury.

“I have heard from Agent Natasha, but I don’t think this small injury worth your trouble. Furthermore, there is no kitchen here for you to cook.” Nick Fury said honestly.

“No, no, no. I have another way, which isn’t troublesome at all! It would be easy!” Dio said, trying to convince Nick Fury.

This treatment that he was saying was the [Gold Experience] rental card that he had.

Even though he would have to use his allocated time for it, that was still better than letting Nick Fury go from his sight!

“Go get the first aid kit and bandage my wound, will you?”

Nick Fury said to Natasha as he sighed from Dio’s cautiousness.

Nick Fury understood Dio wouldn’t let him out of his sight.

So, he will just let Natasha dress his wound to make the matter not as complicated as it is now.

As Nick’s head was dressed by Natasha, he said that Dio would be in constant surveillance as to see his whereabouts at all the time, but Nick would like to hear what the cooperation that Dio said the other day to Agent Natasha is?

If it is good, he would be willing to change his mind.

“Yeah, so, you already know about my Miracle Cuisine, right? I would like to cooperate with you with that. I will treat any agent you want, and you pay me back with a discount. That way you could save money from extensive medical care, and I would be getting money.” Dio said casually.

Nick Fury already guessed where this cooperation would be going.

In fact, he already arranged for Natasha’s examination and the result was quite unexpected.

The doctor said that Natasha had a new organ on her!

With the amount of toxins in her body before, there was no way that the toxin would simply vanish like that!

There was no need to worry about the Black Widow’s medical condition anymore!

That was a miracle!

The Doctor said as they finished inspecting Natasha’s health.

The doctor’s word was the only thing Nick Fury needs to know that Dio’s ability is legit!

That healing power really was amazing!

If it wasn’t for Nick Fury, Dio would’ve arrived here with a warm welcome from a group of doctors.

But, Nick Fury still needs to know the extent of Dio’s power.

“I have my own doubts about this power you have! Did you have any injuries or sickness that you couldn’t heal? Is it necessary to treat them by cooking? Or do you have another way that didn’t involve cooking?” Nick Fury said as he let his questions flooded.

“Of course there are still some injuries and sicknesses that I still couldn’t heal. But most of them would heal in my accord. Especially physical injuries and poisoning. And yes, I can do another kind of healing. This one is different! I am confident to say that I could heal any impossible injuries with this one. But it will cost me a lot! So, this one would be hella pricy!” Dio said excitedly.

“What are these impossible injuries you are talking about? Can you make an example of injuries you could heal with that other ability you have?” Nick Fury asked curiously.

“It is simple like I can replace the eye you lost underneath that eye patch!” Dio said casually.

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