Stand User in Marvel Universe

S.U.M.U Chapter 62 Gone


Nick Fury subconsciously touched his eye patch.

“I have many ways to obtain a new eye, but I refrain from doing so as that wouldn’t be my own eyes!” Nick Fury said jokingly.

“No, I am not referring to any of those crappy prosthetic eyes. I am saying that I can regenerate your eyes back, which is the exact copy of your right eye! There wouldn’t be any complication as it is your own organ!” Dio said casually.

Nick Fury was a little stunned for a while and asked for Dio’s price for fixing his eye.

“I think the Director of SHIELD worth at least $10.000.000, no?” Dio said while laughing.

He didn’t have the kindness of doing this for free for Nick Fury.

Maybe if he ever got his hands on the permanent Stand for [Gold Experience] he would do that, but now, every minute of it was super valuable!

“10 Million? Are you serious right now? Maybe I will sell you this eye for 10 million how does that sound?” Nick Fury said as he laughed loudly.

He couldn’t spend that much money on himself. So, he better cracked a laugh at it now, than regret it later.

“I will think about it, maybe I will buy it once I have money and no idea how to spend it!” Dio said as he laughed too.

They both knew that there was no cooperation at all between them at the moment, so they made snide at each other.

After a while, Dio was already tired of this verbal exchange and decided to go home.

“It seems that we already reached our limit. I don’t have anything to do here so it is time for me to go home.”  Dio said as he stood up and walked toward the way he came earlier.

Dio carried the $200.000 suitcase while Nick Fury was frozen in his seat.

Seeing director Fury was sitting there unmoving, Natasha began to wonder, why didn’t the director do anything to stop Dio from leaving? This is unlike the director she knew!

Once she wanted to question Nick Fury’s action, she immediately froze too.

She saw that the handgun that Nick Fury always used in a tight situation was now floating in the air in front of Nick’s face.

After a while, the gun began to decompose little by little and after a while, it was completely turned to dust in front of them.

It seemed that this was the last warning Dio gave as to not stop him from leaving or even followed him outside.

If Dio wanted to kill them, Natasha bet it would be easy for him, as they couldn’t even see the creature that was destroying Nick Fury’s gun right now.

At the same time, she also felt grateful that Dio decided to destroy a gun and not a person!

“You! Do not move! Understand me?” Nick Fury said to Natasha as he saw she moved a little bit.

“Okay, I surely will not move, Director.” Natasha said sarcastically.

“It is staring at you right now, put your hands down slowly!” Nick Fury said nervously.

Natasha was a little bit confused by Nick Fury’s word but do as he said as she also felt a little bit anxious in front of the invisible creature.

At the same moment, Dio was smiling as he walked carefully towards the exit. He chose the lounge because it was the closest to the exit, which meant that the 10 meters range between him and [The World] could be maintained.

Nick Fury and Natasha in the room remained silent, they didn’t dare to move from their spot as they didn’t know what could set off the invisible creature in front of them.

The agents who crossed the room were all wondering what the director and the Black Widow were currently doing?

They all saw that Nick Fury and Natasha was sitting silently and didn’t move, which was very unusual.

A few minutes later, an agent came towards the room and said a gentleman asked him to say that it was okay to move, he was no longer here.

Nick Fury and Natasha immediately sighed in relief after hearing the agent’s word.

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