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S.U.M.U Chapter 63 Mission And Deception


Natasha and Nick Fury immediately sighed in relief to hear that Dio was finally gone.

“What does that asshole think we are? Terrorist? How could he be so cautious!” Nick Fury said frustratedly.

Nick Fury thought of Dio as some super-agent now, which was Dio extremely capable of. He acknowledged his defeat for now, but the next time he would consider all things and made a 12 steps plan to rile Dio into the SHIELD!

“Agent Natasha! Your next mission is to keep this guy under fucking surveillance! Keep track of whoever comes and goes through that restaurant door! Reinvestigate his background, there is no way an ordinary man could obtain that Hamon thingy just like that!” Nick Fury said in determination.

“Yes, Director!” Natasha said, accepting the mission.

Nick Fury began to think of any possible situation about Dio’s ability.

If Dio was truthful about the origin of the ability, at least he would have one master to teach him things.

That also meant that the Hamon thingy could be passed down to many people!

If that was the case then that was not good for SHIELD’s welfare!

As he began to wonder, he noticed that Natasha hasn’t left the room yet.

“What are you waiting for?” Nick Fury said annoyingly.

“Director, I need to apply for funding. Otherwise, this surveillance would be difficult!” Natasha said honestly.

“Huft, go to the funding department yourself and tell them I already approved it!” Nick Fury said as he sighed and walked toward his room.

The Director was still annoyed by Dio, so Natasha decided to leave immediately as not to make herself a target of Nick Fury’s rage.

After a while, in his room office, Nick Fury suddenly realized something and called the funding department immediately.

“Did Agent Natasha already apply for the fund?” Nick Fury said hastily.

“Yes sir, she already did! We already issued a 2 million dollar fund to Agent Natasha a few minutes ago.” The funding department agent said to Nick Fury.

“WHAT! 2 million dollars! Are you crazy! Don’t you know the procedure, you shit! A fund exceeding 1 million dollars had to go through me! Don’t you understand that!” Nick Fury said furiously.

The agent on the other side was stunned from Nick Fury’s rage.

“But sir, she already had a video of you agreeing to her funding, and in the video, you said it yourself as to not disturb you for this trivial matter! We only do under your word, sir!”

Nick Fury immediately threw the phone away as Natasha really got him this time.

The only thing he could do right now was to let this matter go, there was nothing more he could do and he chose to think of this as compensation for Natasha’s long overdue paid leave.

As he gradually calmed down, he shouted towards his door.

“Whoever out there, come in and clean this place! And get me a new phone!” Nick Fury said in rage.

He immediately heard a tumble from outside his door, making him felt good about himself. He was still the boss here after all!

At the same time, Dio who already walked out of SHIELD headquarters without anyone blocking his path was still searching for a cab to take him back to New York and he couldn’t find any.

He began to think if he should hitch a ride instead of wandering about like this.

But he immediately scrapped off that plan, who would let a stranger hitchhike in a time like that, moreover to New York of all places!

He decided to find a hotel for the night, he could leave first thing in the morning to get back to New York and still had enough time to prepare for his guest later.

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