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S.U.M.U Chapter 64 Drugs


After refusing a female driver who invited him to enter their car, Dio came across a quiet neighborhood.

He took his phone out to find his way to nearby hotels as he didn’t know where to go.

Suddenly, 2 black men dressed in hip hop culture style came out of a house and sold him a drug.

Dio got confused as to why they would think of him as a possible buyer.

As he looked around, he immediately noticed a pair of shoes hanging on a pole near him, he figured that was because he stood there, he made himself look like a potential buyer for this gang member.

In the USA, some places have this rule.

It was better to look around even if you were just loitering around, if you see any shoes hanging from a line or a pole, you better go away as far as possible from that place.

That was a sign of gangster hideout!

They would definitely mistake you for someone you may not be.

Dio failed to notice this sign, so he opted to ask them an irrelevant question.

“You all have a car, right?” Dio asked casually.

“Are you playing with us?” The gang member said as he took a closer look at Dio.

“Man, step away! Don’t you know your breath stinks?” Dio said as he casually pushed the man away.

“FUCK, this man is crazy! Fuck him up boys!” the man said in anger.

They immediately rushed to attack Dio barehanded.

But they didn’t know that Dio wasn’t someone that they could attack carelessly like that.

Dio quickly punched the chest of the man closest to attack him, sending him flying about 2 meters above the ground and fell hard into the concrete.

The other man seeing that Dio clearly wasn’t an average thug, took out their gun and started shooting at Dio.

The light of the nearby houses was immediately turned on to see what was happening outside.

Seeing that the situation has gone out of control, Dio quickly ordered [The World] to kill these two men.

[The World] quickly snapped the first man’s neck and strutted over towards the second man who was still splayed out in pain on the concrete.

[The World] immediately punched the man’s chest so hard that the man’s heart stopped immediately, killing him instantly.

He quickly killed them as to not alarm SHIELD here, although he didn’t really like killing people, if the situation like that arose, it couldn’t be helped. He wanted to find out what that gang had in their base.

Fortunately for SHIELD, Dio wasn’t like the real Dio on JoJo’s world.

He won’t kill people who didn’t deserve it!

Neither will he go out of his way to tie this criminal up and leave them at a police station, no.

Dio wouldn’t do something that much of a hassle, he would rather kill them so that they wouldn’t possess any problem in the future.

Dio was sure the resident of that neighborhood already called the police over, so he needed to move fast to see if the gang had anything useful on their stash.

As he walked closer to the gang’s hideout, he quickly ordered [The World] to attack anyone inside the house. He was sure that some of the gang members would be inside, either waiting for him to attack or gathering their stash to escape the place.

Sure enough, they were all busy collecting anything they could before escaping that place, as they also knew that the police could come any minute now, after hearing a gunshot earlier.

They were all killed by [The World] immediately.

Dio quickly searched the hideout only to find none of it piqued his interest, he found some cash but it was too small of a change for his liking.

But he also found a large stack of drugs which was very unusual for a gang this small.

So, there must be a huge underworld organization behind this small gang that constantly supplied them drugs!

So, he thought maybe he could do this neighborhood a favor, he immediately burned all the drugs to a cinder with gasoline he found inside the hideout!

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One thought on “S.U.M.U Chapter 64 Drugs

  1. Donald Mason-Smith says:

    Note to others:

    Do not burn drugs, especially not illegal criminal drugs.

    Burning normal drugs may poison an area or affect innocent people.

    Gang drugs though are not regulated, and it is common to add ‘extra’ ingredients to ‘improve’ them or reduce the amounts of expensive components… and who KNOWS what would happen when burning them. Explosions, toxic fumes, poison the water supplies, napalm like flames…

    Properly dispose of drugs please.

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