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S.U.M.U Chapter 65 Jessica


Dio decided to burn all the drugs in the house and took everything he could.

Although he knew that some powerful mob boss must be behind all this, he didn’t really care!

There was no camera or eyewitness which could tie him to that place anyway.

He quickly left after all that and made his way to find a hotel for the rest of the night.

In New York City, a huge figure was standing on the top floor of a skyscraper, overlooking the city.

A sudden knock on the door immediately interrupted his time.

He let the guest in and immediately asked for how much his loss was.

The man in the suit didn’t know how to inform this without making the huge man angry, but he braced himself to tell the truth as a lie would be much worse once the cat was out of the bag.

“We suffer a huge loss! The lost goods are a hub that’s supposed to be transferred to another state. it is calculated to be around a quarter of this month’s profit.” The man in the suit said nervously.

“Did you find the cause?” The huge figure asked.

“The Washington police report says that this is a man-made fire, the cause of death was still in question as they died horribly and the person responsible is still at large!” the man in the suit says nervously.

“Where is Jill? Did he survive?” The huge figure asked casually.

“No, he is also dead on the spot.” The man in the suit says, still nervous as the huge figure was clearly terrifying.

“I remember that he has a beautiful wife and twin daughter, yes?” the huge figure said as he remembers things.

“Yes, that is correct.” The man in the suit says confusedly.

“I expect you to reunite them as a family as fast as possible. I hate to see such a loving family being abandoned. Also, I expect you to have the man responsible for everything in 3 days. I hate to see your family go too after such a long time you work with me.” The huge figure said indifferently.

The man in the suit shivered after hearing the huge figure’s word.

He nodded his head and headed out of the room immediately.

If he couldn’t find the one responsible in three days, he will lose his family!

He couldn’t escape nor could he betray the man earlier, that man has controlled the USA’s underworld for a long time.

He was known as the Kingpin in the underworld, while known as the philanthropist Wilson Fisk in daily life.

On the other side, Dio who didn’t know that he already made an enemy of the mob, was still worried that he couldn’t find any car to drive him to the hotel.

As he decided to accept any car that drove past him, a sudden horn startled him from his thought.

“Hey, handsome cook! Where are you going in this time of night.” A voice said to Dio in a familiar tone.

“Jessica!” Dio said, relieved.

“Come on, get in!” Jessica said playfully.

Dio immediately got in and sighed in relief, at least he wouldn’t have to deal with a stranger now.

“How have you been, I haven’t seen you in a while.” Jessica asked honestly.

“You know, doing some stuff and whatnot. What are you doing here in DC?” Dio asked casually.

“My company is here in DC. I am here almost all the time honestly. So, the restaurant is closed for the time being or what?” Jessica asked playfully.

“No, I’m supposed to get to New York now, but I can’t find any car to drive there. So, I guess I would go back first thing in the morning.” Dio said casually.

Dio and Jessica soon started a lively conversation.

They talked about their lives and businesses, they also talked about Jessica’s little sister that has gotten a little of her confidence back after Dio heals her wounds.

“It seems that you succeed in your business, Dio! So, how did you come here unprepared like this?” Jessica asked teasingly.

“it’s a shame, really. Some people don’t pay up after dinner, and now, they told me to come here to get the money and they don’t even give me any accommodation to get back.” Dio said while rubbing his head.

“So, where do you wanna go now? You don’t expect me to drive you to New York, did you?” Jessica said while giggling slightly.

Hearing Jessica’s word, Dio blushed a little. He was slightly embarrassed to be chauffeured by a woman.

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