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S.U.M.U Chapter 66 Overnight


“Just get me off on a nearby hotel, I’ll find my own way to New York first thing in the morning.” Dio said casually to Jessica.

Jessica looked at Dio like he was some kind of alien, she suddenly stepped on the gas pedal without a word.

Dio began to question Jessica as they passed several hotel signs, “Where are we going?” Dio asked wonderingly.

“My home.” Jessica answered casually.

Dio thought for the worst at the moment, he thought that Jessica was different than any woman that stopped their car for Dio earlier.

“Chill, Dio. Irene wants to see you. Since you’re already here, might as well get it over with.” Jessica said casually.

Dio sighed in relief and felt kind of pathetic, he got out of the SHIELD easily but here he was, afraid of a girl!

After a while, Jessica stopped her car in a modern mansion on top of a hill.

“Come on, get off the car Dio.” Jessica said teasingly.

Dio immediately followed Jessica meanwhile she was giving her keys to a butler.

This was the daily life of rich people.

They always had someone else to do the job that they didn’t want to do.

Once inside, Dio was immediately tackled by Irene who was really excited to see Dio came to her house.

Dio didn’t know why Irene stuck to him like glue, but he surely wouldn’t push her away.

“Hey, look at this beautiful angel, all happy and confident.” Dio said teasingly.

Irene quickly blushed after hearing Dio’s complement and buried her face on Snow Ball’s fur.

Dio saw Jessica’s look on Irene, he knew that Jessica would go out of her way for Irene!

Snow Ball struggled and escaped from Irene’s hold and quickly ran away.

“Why are you hiding now, Irene? Don’t you wanna see Dio in New York? Here he is now.” Jessica says teasingly.

Seeing Irene being all embarrassed decided to rest quickly.

“It’s already quite late for the little angel, next time you come to New York, I will take you somewhere fun! How about that?” Dio said honestly to Irene.

Irene looked a little bit disappointed by Dio’s early rejection, but she couldn’t say anything about it as she was taught to never force her will to others.

So, she quickly returned to her room all bummed out.

Jessica sighed seeing her little sister disappointed like that, but there was nothing she could do.

“Maybe you should play with her for a while, she never had a playmate.” Jessica said to Dio.

“No, I think it is because of the lack of fatherly love that she becomes attached to me. It is better to let her play with kids her age.” Dio said honestly.

“Maybe you are right. Come, I will show you your room for tonight.” Jessica says casually.

Dio sighed in relief, it seems that Jessica was satisfied with his answer.

Once she let Dio into a guest bedroom, and right before she left the bedroom.

“Oh yeah, it is better to not sneak around at night.” Jessica said teasingly.

Dio was confused by her words, is it a warning that Jessica said as a joke?

Or is it had other meanings?

He couldn’t help but wonder, but as time went, he decided to take a bath to relax his body and immediately went to bed, finally closing his eyes.

In the dead of nights, Dio felt that someone entered the room and acted cautiously.

He immediately prepared his Hamon Energy to block whatever comes his way.

He could feel that the person who entered moved slowly towards him and snake their arms into Dio’s torso.

Dio quickly opened his eyes only to see Jessica’s beautiful face right in front of him.

Dio looked down and saw that Jessica comes into his room with a see-through silk garment.

“Jessica, are you sure?” Dio said, worriedly.

“Shhhh, this is your reward for being obedient!” Jessica said as her lips locked with Dio’s.

Dio who has never felt a woman’s affection in this world immediately fell under Jessica’s charm. Her passion melted Dio’s lonely heart.

The two lonely hearts actively pressing their body on top of each other searching for heat and comfort until dawn.

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