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S.U.M.U Chapter 67 Something Big


The night ended with Jessica fell asleep with a great satisfaction painted on her face, they both knew that was not love, this was just a pair of lonely people seeking comfort in one another.

So, at breakfast they both acted like nothing happened last night, except for Irene who was a little bit angry at her sister.

Apparently, she knew what happened between those two last night, but she decided to not interrupt anything and not even told that she knew!

Jessica yawned at the table as she didn’t get any sleep last night, Irene immediately asked if she sleep at all last night.

Jessica was a little bit taken aback by Irene’s snide comment, she didn’t know what her fault was.

Dio on the side pretended that he had nothing to do with that sibling rivalry.

“Dio, are you really going after this?” Irene asked Dio with a sad eyes.

“I am afraid so. I still have work that I need to do in New York. Like I said before, if you came to New York, call me and then we will go have a little picnic.” Dio said casually.

After they threw a little conversation here and there, Dio was ready to leave.

Jessica will drive him to the airport as she already bought Dio’s ticket in advance.

Dio said his thanks to the sisters for having him and then went out to wait for Jessica.

Jessica quickly got ready and immediately went out, Irene is waving Dio goodbye as they soon left for the airport.

After an hour or so, Dio finally arrived back in New York.

He immediately took a taxi to return to his restaurant.

Once he opened the restaurant, Will came while yawning lazily.

“Did you go at it all night again yesterday?” Dio said teasingly.

“Hey, stop it! I was only drinking last night. Maybe, I drank too much.” Will said while rubbing his head.

Dio let it be, he didn’t have any problems with Will’s way of life. He was already grateful that Will has agreed to drop off the gang life.

“Oh yeah, it seems that there is a commotion in the criminal underworld last night. There is someone who burns the stashes of Kingpin in DC.” Will said as he revealed the info to Dio.

This info piqued Dio’s interest. He was the one who burnt all the stash on that gang hideout in DC yesterday, so did the mob find out anything about him? Or is it just a wild goose chase?

After Dio asked some questions, Will didn’t have an answer as he didn’t really have a connection to the gang life any longer.

Dio knew that he really messed with the criminal mastermind. He was a little bit excited to see what will happen next behind the scene.

“Did you know who it is that riled the underworld mob?” Dio said curiously.

“No, from what I heard, they had no idea who the perpetrator is. Did you already know something I don’t know?” Will said teasingly.

“Why would I know that kind of information?” Dio said casually.

“Well, all I can say is the one who did this clearly had some power on the underworld. This kind of thing isn’t happening out of nowhere, this could be another gang who wants to become a new king of the underworld.” Will said analytically.

“The thing that really matters is that Kingpin wouldn’t let this go, once he knows who did this, he would surely kill the perpetrator plus all of their family.” Will said in a grimace.

“You sure know much, did you still want to go back to that kind of life?” Dio asked teasingly.

“No, even if I would become the right-hand man of the next Kingpin, I would totally choose not to! I only had a life, there is no point if I died.” Will said solemnly.

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