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S.U.M.U Chapter 68 Who Is It


Three days after Dio returned to New York, the underworld thugs across the USA were in a hectic situation, they were searching for anyone who knew about the incident in DC.

The Punisher and Daredevil have been busy dealing with a lot of killing as the mobs were all out in the open.

With the riot happening everywhere, police were made to look like a fool trying to catch whoever responsible for mass killing that happened.

And it was getting worse since Kingpin now wanted to kill Punisher and Daredevil too.

Everyday, many people died in Hell’s Kitchen, New York!

The bodies were disposed before dawn every time by the cleaner who worked for the mob.

Three days later, Dio was still busy running his restaurant.

Wealthy people came and went into the restaurant with a lot of bodyguards.

Apparently, the crime in New York really spooked some of them.

With this many wealthy people, Dio was wondering why the IRS hasn’t shown up to confirm Dio’s account?

But, after some time, Dio knew that SHIELD might have something to do with that.

Seeing Natasha dressed as an IRS employee, complete with name tag and badges, Dio only shook his head in amusement.

“Will, pour a cup of coffee for Miss Nalita here.” Dio said as he ordered Will to do so.

“Coffee? We don’t have any! don’t you remember that you only pour boiling water to our guest until this moment?” Will said exasperatedly.

“Well, why don’t you buy coffee then. Buy a coffee machine too while you are at it.” Dio said, annoyed by Will constant bitching.

Will was speechless to see Dio ordered him to buy things for this woman.

He immediately knew that the woman was a little bit special for Dio.

He immediately went to do what Dio has ordered him to while kind of glaring at Dio as he left the restaurant.

“When did an organization like SHIELD have time to be playing dress-up as an IRS agent?” Dio said teasingly.

“Why? Would you prefer me to dress like someone else? I can be a nurse if you want.” Natasha said flirtingly.

Dio sighed as he heard Natasha’s usual remarks, he didn’t have time for this, as the next guest would arrive in 15 minutes.

“Don’t you know that there is a riot among the underworld mob these days?” Natasha said teasingly.

“Aren’t you having too many jobs at the moment? From SHIELD to IRS to what? An FBI agent? Police?” Dio said sarcastically.

Hearing this sarcasm, Natasha immediately giggled and asked him, isn’t he a little curious about it.

“What’s this problem got to do with me?” Dio said casually.

“Don’t you think it’s a little bit too convenient? You are in DC, and you are alone that night. Also, your trajectory path seems to be the same way as the incident took place.” Natasha said in the matter of fact way.

Dio knew that SHIELD would have found out about his little adventure, but he didn’t really care about it.

So, he opted to pressure Natasha a little bit.

“Persuasive report, you have there, Agent Natasha! Now, if you don’t mind. Would you like to tell me what this is all about? You have 10 minutes to answer that, by the way.” Dio said with a little menacing look in his face.

Seeing that Dio was offended by her little report, Natasha smiled a little bit.

“We don’t ask for too much. I come here to ask you if the cooperation that you mentioned earlier is still plausible?” Natasha said casually.

“Now, you make me curious. What’s with the sudden change of heart?” Dio said curiously.

“It is very simple. Someone very important for Director Nick Fury was injured and needed your ability.” Natasha said casually while smiling lightly.

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