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S.U.M.U Chapter 69 Disgraced Bastard


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“Who is this person that I’m supposed to heal?” Dio said curiously.

“I can’t tell you that information right now. After you agreed to heal him, I will personally take you to see him.” Natasha said with a serious face.

With Natasha’s confirmation that it was a man, Dio suddenly realized that was the time Tony Stark finally escaped the terrorist compound in the middle east!

But he couldn’t tell Natasha that he had already known the identity of the man Natasha hold.

“I have to say that I didn’t guarantee the effect of the treatment for your patient! I didn’t take any responsibility regarding whatever is happening to the said person during and after the treatment. With you withholding information like this, I can only assume that he was badly injured.” Dio said knowingly.

“We know full well of the consequences, we hope that you could do your best to heal him and explain the risk he could possibly endure in advance. We would judge if the said risk was worth enough to continue or not. While he had a great injury at this moment, he wouldn’t die anytime soon.” She said with a seriousness Dio never seen before.

“Good, since this is the first cooperation between us, I would like to discuss the price now, I might be busy later on the day and therefore couldn’t make a time for you.” Dio said straightforwardly.

“It doesn’t really matter, we expect him to pay for his own bill, you could ask for the bill all you want and you will get it as long as he is cured!” Natasha said relaxingly.

She knows that Dio was the type that prioritized money, so she was relieved that Dio wouldn’t reject the offer as soon as he knew who he will treat.

With Natasha’s answer, Dio was satisfied.

He now knew for sure that the man Natasha said was Tony Stark!

Tony would pay a lot of money in the search for the cure of the iridium poisoning from his Arc Reactor.

“What’s wrong? Did you accept the term? Is there any problem with the offer?” Natasha said as she was a little bit worried, seeing Dio didn’t talk back to her.

“No, there is nothing wrong with it. I am very much satisfied with your offer. I have been wondering how much money I would get for this important person.” Dio said while smiling lightly.

Natasha rolled her eyes after hearing Dio’s word.

“I can report that you agreed to the offer, correct?” Natasha said, confirming Dio’s word.

“If I don’t, would you sell my personal information to the mob?” Dio said while smiling strangely.

“No, the previous conversation has nothing to do with SHIELD. I never reported it, it was just to sate my curiosity.” Natasha said while smiling teasingly.

“Sure, you do. If that’s all, then you can bring the guy here as soon as I close today’s business.” Dio said casually.

“Come here? No! you need to come with me immediately.” Natasha said with a frown on her face.

“Agent Natasha, it seems that we have a misunderstanding about several things. I told you that I don’t like to be bossed around! Furthermore, I don’t do delivery order. If you want me to cure someone for you, you better bring them here or not at all!” Dio said, slightly annoyed by Natasha.

Natasha immediately realized that the Director’s plan failed once again, Dio wasn’t the man that could be scared off by some gangster.

With a sigh, Natasha left Dio’s restaurant with a smile and she immediately went back to SHIELD to report back to Nick Fury!

Hearing Natasha’s report, Nick Fury also sighed.

He knew that Natasha will most likely fail to bring Dio to come to see Tony.

“Forget it, he could wait a little bit longer. He had already gone home and said that he could solve it without us annoying him. We will see how long he can withstand his own suffering.” Nick Fury said while rubbing his head.

He had a fair share of trouble since Tony got back from the compound.

Tony ridiculed every doctor that Nick Fury sent to treat him.

He was also dismissive every regarding intent Nick Fury had come up with to research the Ark Reactor and the Armor Suit to help Tony.

Nick Fury was not a person who easily gave up, but he was a short-tempered and bad-mannered person.

If Tony chose to deal with his situation alone then fine!

Nick would let him suffer as long as he wanted!

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