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S.U.M.U Chapter 70 Visit a Bar


“What happened over there?  I had my eyes opened, that’s what happened.  I saw my weapons, with my name on them, in the hands of thugs.  I thought we were doing good here… I can’t say that anymore. The system is broken, there’s no accountability whatsoever.  Right now, as of this second, we are freezing the sale of all Stark weaponry worldwide! We’ve lost our way.  I need to re-evaluate things.  And my heart’s telling me I have more to offer the planet than things that blow up. In the coming months, Mr. Stane here and I will set a new course for Stark Industries.  “Tomorrow Today” has always been our slogan.  It’s time we try to live up to it!” Tony Stark said as he finished his press conference at the Stark Buildings.

Dio watched the conference from his phone while lost in thought.

The plot has started, that was the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Dio knew everything would start as Tony Stark announced himself as the Iron-Man in front of the world!

He would milk some money out of Stark as he would be treating his injuries anytime soon.

Will came into his room to inform that he has already finished the cleaning and that the guest would arrive in 5 minutes, Dio nodded and left the Tony Stark situation for now, SHIELD wouldn’t let Tony Stark die and therefore would use his healing abilities to save Tony until he can overcome his creation!

After closing down business a few hours later, Dio made a wild choice to hang out with Will.

Will was kind of happy since Dio didn’t want to hang out with him lately.

But Dio didn’t do this because he wanted to drink or pick up a girl, no!

He wanted to escape SHIELD’s surveillance, he knew that he couldn’t let SHIELD knows his secret!

As they left to the bar together, Will was very excited.

At the very least, he got Dio to become his wingman!

But Will was just ahead of himself, as Dio kept refusing to become his wingman and instead want to drink peacefully.

After a long whine from Will, Dio finally agreed to pay all of his tabs tonight.

This agreement at least will shut Will up for a while, Will kept walking while whistling happily.

Dio kept thinking that if Will chose to become a rapper instead of becoming a gang member, Will would’ve made it big by now!

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the bar Will frequently came to.

Dio immediately knows that bar would have many gang members coming and also going many desperate women trying to get laid with some rich guy.

Dio knew this after seeing the bar from outside.

There were many indecent looking women and a questionable man walking in front of the bar, which meant that inside the bar would be no different!

As Dio walked inside, people’s attention immediately went to him!

They never saw Dio in this neighborhood, and Dio’s appearance was like a model, which made them even more curious.

The ladies set their eyes on Dio like some birds of prey!

“Dio, there are so many eyes on you! Even better, many girls usually aren’t interested in talking to any of the men here and have set their eyes on you! The decision to come along with me was really a fortunate event!” Will said excitedly.

Finding a seat for themselves, Dio and Will sat down and order drinks.

Dio began to indulge drinking many pints of beer with Will on his side.

Thanks to Hamon Energy on his body, Dio had a slightly higher tolerance in alcohol than average people.

As Dio was still sober, he rejected three waves of girls who were eager to get to know him.

Will, who was sitting beside him, felt really jealous and at the same time, annoyed that Dio kept on rejecting many beautiful girls instead of allowing them to accompany Dio here at the bar!

“Hey, stop that! At least let them sit down and talk for a couple of minutes before you send them away. Man, that is uncool! They could have a friend that could accompany me, you know.” Will said while whining to Dio.

Dio only laughed silently and nodded his head as he kept picking up a new bottle of beer and drank it casually.

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