Stand User in Marvel Universe

S.U.M.U Chapter 71 Get Out


“Hi, I am Mary and this is my friend, Emma. Can we sit here by any chance?” Mary said in a flirting manner.

These girls weren’t like any girls in that bar, they were more like a socialite than a prostitute.

As Dio wanted to reject their advance, Will immediately welcomed them to sit and ask them for what to drink.

At the same time, Dio saw two men in a suit came in.

They looked a little bit out of place and therefore, Dio immediately knew those guys were from SHIELD.

He immediately let the girls be a distraction.

“Are you fine with whiskey?” Dio said teasingly.

Will immediately ordered some whiskey with ice for the girls and some more beer for him.

The girls immediately sat down and start conversing with Dio, disregarding Will who sat at the same table with them.

Dio kept refusing the girls’ advance on him and kept drinking and talked on occasion, he glanced at the two men in a suit earlier to find that they were indeed watching him.

Dio smirked a little bit and then whispered to the girls beside him that Will, his friend looked lonely, it would be better to find him some company.

The girl looked at Will with a disgruntled look and then left to find some more girls for Will. 

The girl returned with an extra 2 girls by her side.

They immediately sat beside Will and began to chat with him, Dio could see that Will was finally happy and had a good time.

Although, the two girls by Will’s side occasionally took a glance at Dio.

Soon enough, the girls and Will had become drunk while Dio was only acting a little bit tipsy, with his Hamon Energy Dio kept drinking without a consequence.

Dio immediately checked on Will if he could walk or not to leave the place, and he soon found out that Will was too drunk to do anything.

He facepalmed, looking at his troubled friends and then called the staff to help walked Will upstairs.

He didn’t want the trouble of helping a drunk Will upstairs, so he reserved some private room for Will and the two ladies by his side.

He immediately paid for everything as Will has been taken care of by the staff and then left the bar with the two ladies by his side.

The two man in the suit earlier immediately followed Dio outside and kept tailing him.

Dio was aware of that, so he immediately went into a hotel nearby and then booked a room.

He kept glancing around for the security camera as he walked towards his room and soon found out that there was one in the hallway by his room.

After knowing the information he needed, Dio immediately stripped the ladies down to their undies and then threw them to the bed.

Dio immediately used [Khnum] and transformed into a middle-aged man he once saw on the video.

Although he hasn’t unlocked the 4th slot for his Stand, they could still be replaced by one another with 24 hours cooldown for the Stand that has been replaced to be used again.

So, he replaced [Pearl Jam] with [Khnum] for that occasion.

Dio looked at himself in the mirror and felt satisfied as he saw himself was already unrecognizable.

Dio immediately summoned [The World] and ordered it to block the camera by the hall for a split second.

He threw his phone in the bed beside the girls and immediately went out.

He knew that a split second was all he needed to not get caught by the camera and he immediately got out.

When he walked outside, he noticed the two men in the suit earlier in a car in front of the hotel.

He noticed that they didn’t recognize him at all!

Satisfied by this information, Dio immediately went toward William the Jewelry Owner’s place to find out if he still has some cheap gold or not.

Dio didn’t think his action was wrong at all, a gold while irreplaceable was also a thing that made some country suffer!

If Dio took that dirty gold from some hoodlums, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

This gold has only been the reason for Gang Wars in certain parts of New York as of late.

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