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S.U.M.U Chapter 72 Scammed


Last time he had a transaction with William, Dio knew that the man didn’t have any Gold left.

And now, William gave Dio a phone number, he said that the man on the phone would have the gold he wanted!

Dio quickly made the phone call and immediately went into the place that the man on the phone mentioned.

As he approached the place, he was immediately welcomed with a barrage of flashlights and a dozen of man immediately surrounded him.

He immediately expressed his intention to buy gold from them.

“Who gave you this number?” A man said coldly.

“William, I have exhausted his stash. So, he directed me here.” Dio said casually.

“Let him in, and check if anyone follows him here.” The man said to his men.

The man surrounding him soon began to disperse as Dio started to walk to the door.

He finally saw a man who was sitting by the microphone, that was undoubtedly the one in charge!

“What do you want?” The man said casually.

“Gold!” Dio said indifferently.

“Did you bring the money for it?” The man asked.

Dio immediately opened the suitcase he brought and showed the man the money in the suitcase.

The man immediately laughed at Dio as he found Dio was a little bit stupid for doing a transaction in the enemy’s territory.

“Good! Now let me take the money and my men over there will direct you to the gold.” The man said while smirking.

Dio just shrugged and let the man’s henchmen guided him.

As he was near a door, Dio smelled a powerful stench of blood coming from the room.

He immediately knew that would not end peacefully like he hoped for.

It was clear that William has deceived him, he had become William’s sacrificial lamb!

Dio felt a little bit irritated by how things turned out, he let the henchmen guided him inside the room like he was supposed to, and sure enough, Dio was brought to the room with the powerful stench of blood!

As the henchmen locked the room and began taking out a knife, Dio immediately killed them with [The World].

He was irritated enough now, and he also knew that he couldn’t use [The World] here, so Dio immediately took the henchman’s knife and went out to get his money back!

He found a man outside the room who immediately noticed Dio coming out of the room.

“You! Put down the knife!” The man said as he reached for a gun in his back pocket. Noticing the man’s intention, Dio immediately flashed forward and then sliced the man’s throat with the knife he picked up.

He was really disappointed by the knife’s sharpness, he wanted to see his opponent head getting lopped off from their neck!

Dio thought for a while and immediately knew that he had a Hamon Combat Technique which could imbue a knife with Hamon Energy.

It was called [Metal Silver Overdrive]!

Dio imbued the knife with his Hamon Energy, making the knife extremely sharp!

Dio was satisfied and immediately killed anyone he met outside the room.

No one could stop him as they weren’t fast enough to pull out their gun.

Dio kept killing those mobs like a butcher house.

The place was soon covered in blood as Dio couldn’t stop slicing the mob’s throat making the blood-splattered into the wall, ceiling and floor!

This commotion was soon heard by the boss from earlier!

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