Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 73 Immovable Blob


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“Huh? Why is this place reek of blood?” A mob said as he got out from a room to the hallway.

“Maybe the boss transforms again and kills the kid himself.” Another mob said casually.

“Hey look! There is someone out there! He doesn’t seem to be one of us!” the first mob said alarmedly.

As they were beginning to question who it was, Dio began to rush towards them and killed them with the knife on his hand.

However, before they died, they managed to scream so loud that the entire base knew that something was wrong!

They immediately got out of their rooms and spontaneously shot Dio as they saw the 2 bodies of their friends.

Dio saw at the end of the hall, the tall man that he first encountered when he entered the building, the man who ordered the mob, the boss himself!

Dio began to rush to the enemy line and as he did so, the mob kept shooting at him.

But there was no point!

Complete to their dismay, the bullet had no effect on Dio.

As Dio kept slicing the mob’s throats, the mobs began to panic.

They began to shout at Dio for being a devil in disguise!

That place became chaotic as some tried to run away from Dio and some were trying to convince others to keep firing their weapon instead of running away!

As Dio kept on killing the mobs, the boss himself finally began to move slowly towards Dio.

Dio didn’t see any hesitation, fear or anything else from the boss’ expression, he didn’t seem to be bothered by Dio’s ability.

As he became close enough to Dio, the boss immediately grabbed Dio’s arm with his big hand while smirking evilly.

Seeing that, Dio came into a conclusion that maybe the boss was hiding some sort of extraordinary power, Dio immediately sliced the boss’ arm currently holding him.

However, Dio was surprised to see that his knife wasn’t able to cut through the boss’ arm!

The knife itself seemed to be stuck in the boss’ muscle and Dio couldn’t pull it out!

Dio immediately retreated by making a shockwave of Hamon Energy, so the boss was forced to release his arm.

Seeing that the boss was still unbothered by the shockwave, Dio immediately knew that the boss was definitely a mutant!

If he was not mistaken, that was the mutant trait of the Immovable Blob!

Dio felt slightly annoyed to face such an annoying enemy.

He was thinking of how to kill this blob of fat.

As he was still thinking, Blob suddenly pulled out a rocket launcher from his fat and immediately shot it at Dio!

That was the first time for Dio seeing a mutant, and it was disgusting!

Dio evaded the rocket launcher easily, he immediately grabbed 2 small stones and quickly flicked it to Blob.

With his Hamon Energy, the stones were supposed to be as fast as a sniper bullet.

If the movie was correct, then the Blob’s weakness was supposed to be his head!

The Blob’s power was his fat, as long as he still had fat, he would be fine.

The fat was like a damage absorber which could withstand even the power of the Juggernaut!

And his guess was correct!

The Blob quickly raised his arm to block Dio’s incoming stone bullet.

“Huh, you think that you can attack me? Your attack is all useless!” The Blob said confidently.

“I wouldn’t attack you again, you are already dead!” Dio said casually.

As the Blob was confused as to Dio’s word, his head was suddenly rammed from above.

[The World] punched the Blob’s head into the Blob’s body!

His head was like a nail being hammered into a wall.

[The World] kept punching The Blob’s head until it burst like a destroyed watermelon!

As he finally killed the Blob, [The World] posed proudly behind Dio.

Dio felt a little uncomfortable due to the amount of fat splashed around the hall.

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