Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 101 Port Marbury


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While in the middle of their heated intercourse, Jessica couldn’t stop her curiosity from asking Dio about Nancy.

“You and … that female classmate named … Nancy haven’t done it?”

“Of course.”


How could Dio never see such a beautiful lady as a possible partner for himself?

“There are many reasons. I don’t like her personality, she is not my type.”

Dio’s answer immediately silenced Jessica in content while they continued until nightfall.

When they finished playing with each other, Dio’s phone rang as he got up from the bed to take a shower.

He frowned as he saw the caller’s name on the phone and immediately rejected the call and prepared himself to take a shower.

Jessica saw that and immediately asked, “Don’t you have something to do tonight?”

Dio answered that the others could wait while he still had to make sure that Jessica could have dinner there; there was no reason to work on an empty stomach.

Seeing that Dio didn’t care that much about his work, Jessica shrugged her shoulder and followed Dio to take a shower together.

Another hour passed, and since they finished dinner and all, and Jessica already prepared to leave the house.

Dio saw her off driving her sports car.

Suddenly, the Black Widow came from inside the house, completely startling Dio.

She was suddenly beside Dio without him noticing her presence at all!

Dio thought for a moment that woman really was the best at her job!

They immediately drove with Natasha’s black car that she parked on the side of the house.

In the car, Dio teased Natasha a little bit.

“Maybe I can ask my good classmate, Miss Nancy. Was there really some crazy past worth remembering between us? Maybe we can go in now and ‘remember’ it? Tonight is an unforgettable night, isn’t it? “

She frowned a little bit and said, “Do you know spiders like the Black Widow? The female spider tend to eat the male spider after mating. Everyone who said something like this to me eventually disappeared in this world, you know,Do you want to try it? “

Dio turned his head in Natasha’s direction and said casually, “Do I dare?”

Natasha immediately put Dio’s hand on her chest, while smirking at Dio lustfully.

After several minutes passed, Dio let go of Natasha’s hand and pulled back his hand and said, “ ”Sorry, I think it’s better for me to call stripers, at least they won’t cut my throat while I’m asleep.”

He wasn’t really scared of Natasha’s provocation, but he preferred not to agitate SHIELD too much.

He knew if he messed with the Black Widow, Nick Fury would be silently watching his every move.

“When we’re done, I will help you find them, but now we should focus on the job.”

Dio shook his head while sighing, he better finished that job soon.

They soon arrived at 10880 Malibu Point.

He knew that was a Sea View Villa that was supposed to be Tony Stark’s home for a couple of years.

He knew that after Tony was electrocuted by Storm, he has been cooped up there to finish his new generation of Iron Man’s armor.

He knew that he needed to perfect his design to eliminate any flaws against the element without reducing any defenses.

It was just that the progress wasn’t as smooth as he thought it would be.

As Dio and Natasha arrived at the front of the house, Pepper Pots immediately called Tony, “Tony, the doctor who made the appointment last time has arrived. I think you should put down your new toy, take a bath and change your clothes …”

Tony immediately argued, “I don’t need a doctor. Wait! The new toy? It saved my life and saved me from the terrorists who didn’t even take a bath once a year, oh my god, don’t remind me about them! Besides, it’s  just bacteria and virus, that won’t kill me, but you would’ve been scared to death if you know what happened to me at that terrorist hideout!”

This remark from Tony quickly angered Pepper, she shouted in an ordering manner that Tony needed to clean himself up and met the guest fast.

Tony raised his eyebrows, startled that Pepper was mad from his rejection to meet the doctor.

He obediently did what Pepper told him to do, he knew that it wasn’t good to let Pepper mad.

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