Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 102 Strange


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While Dio was waiting for Tony, he already knew that the visit wouldn’t lead to anything good. He knew that his pride and Tony’s was not a good combination.

Pepper quickly came to the lounge and sat in front of Dio and Natasha. Pepper was a little bit confused to see the combination of guesses in front of her, the man was a little too young to be a capable Doctor, and he didn’t even bring any equipment with him.

Furthermore, the man was very handsome by her standard, even though her heart belonged to Tony, she couldn’t lie to herself that Dio was surely was one of the most handsome guys she ever encountered.

Not long after that, Tony walked in with a light blue bathrobe and a red wine in his hand.

“Tony, this is Dr. Dio and his assistant Lucy! They are here to check on your health!” Pepper said to Tony as she introduced Dio and Lucy.

Dio noticed that somehow, the timeline has changed if ever so slightly. Natasha was supposed to be Tony’s new assistant by that time and lurked around Tony to receive any information for her report to SHIELD.

‘Lucy’ nodded her head and smiled at Tony as he stared at Natasha for quite a while before sitting down near them.

“Aren’t you one beautiful lady, now why are you here again?” Tony said flirtatiously toward Natasha. Pepper flustered to she Tony’s flirtatious manner, she knew that Tony was a playboy and shared many of his night with all sort of girls, but it was still hard for her to see the man that she loved flirting casually in front of her.

In fact, Tony knew that Pepper loved him, and so did he. But Tony had never really receive this kind of love for as long as he can remember, he was afraid that once he confessed his love towards Pepper he would disappoint her somehow in the future!

That is why, he doesn’t want to be attached towards Pepper.

Tony saw the looks on Pepper’s face and immediately stopped his flirt with ‘Lucy’ and stared at Dio in condescending manner.

“Now, who are you again? Whos recommendation was it again? What year did you graduate? You seems like too young to be experienced at Health Care.” Tony said rudely.

Dio looked amused by Tony’s question and looked at Natasha to answer that question.

“Uh, Dio wasn’t a regular doctor, he was more of a healer in term. He was a Hamon Energy user that could heal almost any sort of ailment!” Natasha said while explaining Dio’s ability a little bit.

Hearing Natasha’s explanation, Tony’s look immediately changed. He was one of the people who didn’t believe in any knowledge besides science and therefore concluded that it was all just a waste of time.

“Pepper, I don’t know why you would waste my time in this mumbo jumbo sort of thing, but I am good, I don’t want to be deceived by this sort of people. You could send them home now!” Tony said indifferently while also mocking Dio by trying to copy some of the shaolin move that he had seen in the movies.

Pepper was flustered again by Tony’s rude behaviour, but she couldn’t blame Tony as she was also never heard of any Hamon Energy treatment before.

Dio on the side wasn’t offended by Tony’s rude behaviour as he knows that Hamon Energy was portrayed as some sort of Martial Arts power in the movies.

“Now, if you excuse me. I would like to get back to my work now, so would you kindly leave my house?” Tony said sarcastically.

Pepper shook her head and immediately stood up to show Dio and Natasha the door and apologized for Tony’s rudeness.

Dio thought that Natasha would surely do something to convince Tony or Pepper to try Dio’s magical cuisine first at least, but much to Dio’s surprise, Natasha also asked him to leave the house!

Dio couldn’t help but thought that something might happen there anytime soon as he knows that there is no way Natasha would back down from her mission!

Sure enough, at almost the same time as they wanted to leave, a rocket was shot to the door!

Dio frowned as he thought that he might just jinx his luck!

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