Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 103 Strike


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Dio quickly dragged Pepper to the side while shouting at Natasha to get down!

Natasha knew that something bad would happen and immediately ran toward Tony and pushed him away!

The rockets hit the house’s front door, completely destroying the front of the house!

Dio let go of Pepper while he was attempting to check for who was responsible for all that outside.

Pepper, who was shaken by that sudden attack, immediately shouted Tony’s name as she couldn’t see him anywhere near the rubble. She eventually saw that Tony was pulling ‘Lucy’ to her feat from a distance. She noticed that Tony was unscathed while ‘Lucy’ was unconscious.

She quickly ran to his side to help him pull ‘Lucy’ out of the rubble.

After they were inside the safer place in the house, Tony and Pepper hugged and checked on each other if there were any injuries; fortunately, there was none.

Dio quickly returned inside while informing Tony that many soldiers were approaching the house.

Tony was shocked to hear Dio’s information as he didn’t know who would do something like this to him.

“Jarvis! Scout the area around the house for me! Be precise, don’t let anybody slip your radar!” Tony said to Jarvis, his house A.I.

“A large number of armed forces detected! The house was already surrounded, sir! I advised to hide in the bunker, sir!” Jarvis said indifferently.

Tony immediately turned his attention towards Dio.

“Now, would you show off a little bit of your Hamon Energy think so that we could be safe from those soldiers?” Tony said sarcastically.

This untimely remark made Pepper flustered.

Did Tony really have to make everything awkward even in that kind of situation?

Pepper couldn’t believe Tony would be that prideful!

“Just take everyone to a safer place!” Dio said while going back toward the front of the house. He was irritated of that attack himself as he didn’t care of who that rocket was aimed for, but he was sure as hell that he didn’t like to be in the middle of it!

“No, come back! I am just kidding, you know!” Tony shouted for Dio to return.

Dio ignored Tony as he continued to stride forward.

Natasha, who was already conscious for a few minutes, immediately stood and pulled Tony and Pepper away.

“No, I can help him! let me take my suit first!” Tony said insistingly.

“No, it already too late! The enemy was too close for all that!” Natasha said urgently.

Dio quickly activated [The World] as he walked out of the house.

The enemy immediately surrounded him while pointing their muzzle towards Dio.

In the other hand, Natasha knew how bad Dio’s temper could be, so she immediately warned Tony not to go out whatever the reason it may be!

They soon heard that there were hundreds of guns fired from outside, Pepper tried to close her eyes and covered up her ears as she couldn’t stand the thought of a man that she just saw was going to be hit by a bullet!

Tony immediately walked out to check on Dio as he ignored Natasha shouting for him to come back and what he saw really surprised him.

He saw that Dio wasn’t hurt at all and that the bullet was bouncing off from his body.

Dio, who knew that Tony would saw him like that, smirked at Tony’s direction and opened his arm to take on every bullet to show off to Tony.

He immediately ordered for [The World] to kill every single one of those soldiers, [The World] quickly do so while draining a little bit of Dio’s Hamon Energy.

After being benched for a while, [The World] indulged in killing every single one of those soldiers like their head was made of tomatoes!

The gore scene that unfolded in front of him completely threw Tony off guard!

He didn’t expect Dio to be this strong!

He even felt lucky that Dio doesn’t think of him as an enemy for his disrespect behaviour before!

As he saw everything from afar, there seemed to be nothing that could stop Dio from killing the soldier!

Their bulletproof vests didn’t seem to do anything as some of them had their chest exploded!

As soon as it started, it quickly ends!

There was no more soldier left in front of the house, but Dio knew that it was far from over.

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