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A man with an ugly scar on his face was gritting his teeth in frustration, after sending a group of mercenaries into the house, none of them was able to be contacted!

He immediately gave his order for the rest of his mercenaries to rush into the house to see what happened and quite possibly killed Stark!

The remaining 30 mercenaries rushed into the Sea View Villa quickly; they didn’t want to be the receiving end of their boss’ rage.

That scar-faced man was the leader of a terrorist group that kidnapped Tony, but he really was one of the men paid by Obadiah Stane to kill Tony Stark!

The scar-faced man was standing inside a suit of iron armor that Tony discarded in the desert after he successfully escaped the kidnapper!

That suit of armor still didn’t have any high tech attached to it, but that was the best they could do to fight against Tony at the moment!

Dio noticed that there was a slight alteration to the timeline as Obadiah Stane was supposed to snatch the Arc Reactor right under Tony’s nose while seeing Tony dying on the cold floor of his workshop.

Obadiah was supposed to be the one behind the Iron Armor and made Tony question his own integrity as a new man! But it was all different now!

Obadiah let the scar-faced man be the one in control of the Iron Armor.

What Obadiah didn’t know was that the Iron Armor is not up to standard yet, and couldn’t be compared to the one that Tony has now!

After Dio has killed every mercenary, Jarvis lets everyone knew that the enemy had been vanquished, and there was no danger left in the vicinity.

Tony, Pepper, and Natasha walked out of the house carefully as there was so much blood splattered everywhere.

Tony still couldn’t believe the scene in front of him.

The bodies were all mangled violently! Pepper couldn’t hold it anymore!

She stumped over a flower pot and retched on it!

She couldn’t believe someone as handsome as Dio could do something so immensely disturbing like that.

Natasha, however, was already used to that scene in front of her.

“You could equip your armor now, Stark!” Natasha said as a precautious for Dio’s emotion.

“And who are you again?” Tony asked to ‘Lucy’ as he now realizes that ‘Lucy’ wasn’t what she said she was.

“I am an agent of SHIELD, Dio is a chef that could heal people miraculously, but he wasn’t just a healer!” Natasha said while sighed and pointed toward the mangled bodies in the front of the house.

Tony nodded his head in understanding that he shouldn’t agitate Dio like those unfortunate mercenaries.

He saw that there was some unknown and powerful power like that broadened up Tony’s perspective on the world.

If Hamon Energy really existed, then maybe magic, witches, and myths really existed all along!

After a while, Dio had finished killing all mercenaries that he could find.

Dio, who used the Hamon Energy to protect himself from the bullet and dagger slash, was like a ninja!

There was so much blood everywhere!

That was not all!

[The World] also did his part as the Stand kept butchering people like they were made out of paper.

As Dio kept killing with his flashy moves, there was one mercenary who hid and lurked in Dio’s blind spot, waiting for the right time to attack.

After Dio was done using his flashy moves, the mercenary attacked while throwing a grenade toward Dio.

However, Dio already knew the whereabouts of that mercenary from the beginning, but he wanted to see what the mercenary would do to attack him.

After seeing that the mercenary only attacked him with a puny hand grenade, Dio was a little bit disappointed.

He immediately ordered [The World] to sever the man’s head!

He didn’t shield himself from the grenade because he knew that the explosive wouldn’t do any damage to him.

At the same time, there was no mercenary left, and thus the Scar-faced man was frustrated that the men he paid were all no good!

He immediately walked toward the house himself, thinking that if he was using the iron armor, he would be invincible!

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