Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 105 Trouble


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When a scar-faced man wants to use his shoulder rocket, Tony with his Red and Gold Armor came forward and stopped him!

He felt really familiar with the man in the armor, “Is it that you brought to blow up my house? Wait, why is it a little familiar, how did you get this set of iron armor?”

But his biggest concern right now was the Iron Armor and the Arc Reactor that the man seemed to be using. He didn’t think that anyone could make his Arc Reactor, and he didn’t seem to make that many of it for him not to notice one was missing.

As Tony punched the Iron Armor’s helm, it flew off, leaving the Scar-faced man’s face bare for Tony to see.

The man snickered at Tony, “Remember me, Tony, I’m coming to you for revenge!”

“You hide your face, how could I recognize you?”

The man revealed his face, “Now, you remember me? I’m going to tear you up with this iron armor you made!”

Tony knew that man; he realized that the man was there for him; therefore, he needed to make sure that man will never come back to haunt him again!

Tony immediately fired off the repulsor beam in his hand, throwing the man in the iron armor away!

The man retaliated by firing off two more rockets from his shoulder.

Tony evaded, but the rocket still hit his house, making two more big holes in it!

The man started to run while Tony made sure to chase him down, he couldn’t let that man go away, and he needed to know who gave the man his armor and arc reactor!

Natasha and Pepper looked at Dio in the expectation that he would do something about this, but as he noticed the two women’s stares, Dio felt pressured, and he immediately said, “I couldn’t do anything as the enemy was flying and I couldn’t fly!”

In the meantime, Tony was desperate to finish that fight; he didn’t know if the Scar-faced man had more mercenaries lurking, therefore he couldn’t let the man lure him away like that; while Pepper wasn’t safe!

Natasha contacted the SHIELD and made sure that Nick Fury knew about the current situation; she didn’t want to hear Nick Fury ranted about her not reporting later! She quickly pulled Pepper away while saying that she should be going to a safer place first!

They started to walk to the Black SUV that Natasha drove as the car, fortunately, didn’t take any damage from all the fight earlier.

But as Dio sighed in relief that his power won’t be needed anymore, Obadiah Stane came walking towards them. He said that Dio and Natasha were free to go as they saw fit, but he will be the one escorting Pepper away from there.

Dio knew immediately that he wanted to use Pepper as a hostage since Pepper was one of Tony’s weakness!

Natasha frowned while Pepper was visibly confused, she didn’t understand what was going on as they were surrounded by a dozen mercenaries.

Dio was visibly irritated that the hassle was coming one after another; he just wanted to go home and had a good night’s sleep!

“Hide behind me as not to get splattered by blood.” Dio ordered the two women.

Dio quickly lighted his cigarette in irritation, and as soon as Natasha and Pepper walked behind him, he activated [The World] to kill all those mercenaries!

Meanwhile, Obadiah also gave an order to kill Natasha and Dio without killing Pepper!

They didn’t know that there will be no time for them to shoot their gun as [The World] was already looking down on them!

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