Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 106 Forced


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As they were lifting their gun to shoot, Dio immediately ordered [The World] to break all their guns, making all of the mercenaries very confused, and Obadiah was standing there looking dumbfounded.

Dio wasn’t one of compassion towards his enemies; he started to kill the mercenaries one by one without mercy.

The mercenaries fell one by one with a huge hole on their body like some kind of artillery hit them!

Obadiah was startled by what was happened that he slowly backed up and fell on his ass.

[The World] kept swinging his fist as he saw fit to kill the remaining mercenaries; he punched them through the chest and sometimes through their head, causing blood to splatter all over the place!

Although [The World] wasn’t as fast as the previous time that he killed the enemies, it was [The World] was more ruthless.

It was like watching a cat playing with a mouse; there was no hope at all!

Dio noticed the looks on [The World] face; it was like he was whining to Dio that the enemies were too weak for him, and it was not even funny anymore.

Dio sighed as he knew that he couldn’t use [The World] for a while after that, he didn’t know if the stand on that world could rebel or do something without their master’s consent, but surely Dio didn’t want any of that to happen.

At the same time, Obadiah was so frightened that Dio will not be surprised if Obadiah peed his pants, on the sight of the mangled corpses of his mercenaries, there was no way a man who couldn’t even fight on his own like Obadiah was able stand this scene!

Obadiah knew that he would be next as Dio walked towards him!

As Dio walked away from Natasha and Pepper, they finally saw what happened to the mercenaries earlier.

Pepper once again vomited, as she couldn’t stand the bloody scene in front of her.

But with her strong personality, she made sure that she didn’t cry, and thus she began to adapt to the bloody scene as of that moment.

But unlike Pepper, Natasha stood without feeling disgusted by all that, furthermore, she has just confirmed with her own eyes that they couldn’t let Dio became their enemy at all cost!

Dio’s power was just too scary that it closely resembled a monster!

Natasha couldn’t help but thought that if Dio becomes the enemy of SHIELD, what would happen to her now?

Will she be another pile of blood and bones forgotten somewhere, or will she be scared to death in some corner on the thought that Dio was on his way to find and kill her?

She knew that no matter how costly and rigorous the protection would be, there would be nothing that could stop Dio!

How could anyone defend against an invisible enemy, more so an enemy who wasn’t even visible through any kind of camera too!

The thermal camera on SHIELD’s office didn’t capture anything while Dio was showing off the power of his invisible friend back then.

Fortunately, none of that happened, but Natasha still felt that her responsibility was heavier than before!

In the meantime, Obadiah, who couldn’t stand the figure of death approaching him, fired all his bullets at Dio desperately.

Obadiah fell into another depth of desperation as he saw that the bullet didn’t affect Dio at all!

As Dio was close enough, he took Obadiah’s gun away from him and destroyed it with his bare hands!

Dio smiled at Obadiah as he was amused someone as prideful as Obadiah was scared to death in front of him like that and then proceeded to pat Obadiah’s head as if he was a dog.

Obadiah felt humiliated beyond belief; he felt his anger rising that he, for a moment, forgot about his fear!

Dio noticed that Obadiah’s anger could become a hassle, so he grabbed Obadiah’s neck and lifted him with one arm while putting off his cigarette in Obadiah’s face.

Dio was angry after seeing that man could still feel anger towards him, if it were not because of that man, he wouldn’t find himself in that situation at all!

But as soon as he wanted to end Obadiah’s life, Pepper came forward to stop Dio, “Please let him go, Obadiah still needed to answer for all his crime and take responsibility for them.”

Pepper knew that if Obadiah was really the one behind all of that mess, then Tony will want to know from Obadiah himself! She knew that Obadiah was a trusted man in Tony’s eyes!

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