Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 107 No Tears


Natasha knows that Dio wouldn’t do something out of his own limit; he will not take the enemy’s life just because he wanted to.

She knows that if Dio really wanted to earn money easily, he wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of opening a restaurant as he did.

So, instead of appeasing his desire to kill Obadiah, he threw Obadiah down to the ground and walked away.

Natasha immediately walked toward Obadiah to apprehend him, but as Dio walked away, Obadiah took out some sort of remote control from his pocket and rushed at Dio.

Natasha tried to warn Dio, “Be careful!”

But she didn’t even get the time to warn Dio as he sliced Obadiah’s hand, which was holding the device completely.

The cut was clean!

It was as if a laser cutter cut Obadiah’s hand!

“Arrgh! My hand!”

Obadiah screamed hysterically as he saw his hand on the ground, and his blood splattered from the cut. He immediately made an attempt to escape from the scene, but Natasha was faster than him, and thus she tripped Obadiah and apprehended him successfully by shooting him with her paralyzing gun.

Natasha quickly came over and stopped the bleeding from the wound created by Dio; she also made sure to pack up the severed hands and the remote control-like devices that Obadiah was about to use earlier.

After looking at the device, Natasha said, “This is a weapon that Stark Industries has developed. It can instantly paralyze the target when it is close to the human ear. It is very concealed and effective, but for some reason, the government has banned the use and development of this weapon.”

Natasha has found some respect for the old man!

Obadiah was a really cautious man!

If he didn’t cross path with Dio, Obadiah would be successful on his quest for sure!

She noticed that Pepper was really disturbed from all that and said, “You don’t have to worry, you will be escorted to a safer place and will hear about Tony as soon as I heard a report about him.”

Natasha kept her emotion in check and constantly showed her calm and collected self in front of Pepper, which helped Pepper to calm down as well.

The first car to arrive at the scene was a black SUV driven by Agent Coulson!

As soon as he arrived at the scene, “Mr. Dio, we meet again.” He greeted Dio with his trademark smiling face.

Dio greeted him back with a wider smile while also asking, “Agent Coulson, are you going to give me compensation for killing my pet?”

Agent Coulson just laughed and said, “I am sorry, I am in a hurry and didn’t prepare the compensation.”

Agent Coulson was in a bind because of the snail that he stole from Dio, as soon as he was in the SHIELD’s Laboratory, he let several scientists do some experiment to the snail.

Unfortunately, not long after he dropped the snail to those scientists, he received a report saying that the snail had died and completely disappeared into thin air.

Agent Coulson now knew that Dio let him left at that time was because he knew that the snail would vanish in several hours. He felt bad for being greedy back then, if he decided to back out and gave Dio the snail back, maybe he will not be in a pinch like that.

Dio laughed after seeing that Coulson tried to come up with some reason, he said, “I am expecting a million-dollar compensation next time we met. Otherwise, I am going to ask Nick Fury for the payment!”

Coulson was visibly startled.

How can a snail be that expensive!

He would agree for that amount of money as long as the snail was alive and researchable!

Now, who would in their right mind believe Coulson’s story?

SHIELD would never give him the amount of money he needed to compensate Dio!

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