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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 108 I Am Ironman


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“I’m… Iron Man.” Tony said in his public speech after the issues on the Iron Armor, Dio, who was watching the speech on his mobile phone, smiled widely after hearing that statement.

That was the famous statement that jump-started the Avenger Initiation by Nick Fury, and that was the statement that commenced the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The next day, Dio was very surprised to see that Tony and Pepper were already waiting outside of his restaurant, “Are you?”

Will also paused for a minute then said, “Tony Stark? Arms dealer playboy Tony Stark?” He knew the man who waited outside the restaurant.

“Hey, is he real?” Will tried to ask Dio. He knew that Tony Stark was the famous rich arms dealer and a playboy! He was an epitome of a famous person!

Tony was a little bit annoyed to see a stranger still used the word ‘arms dealer’ to associate with him and said, “I am now a philanthropist! You should see more online news instead of playing in an African Safari!”

Tony remarks angered Will, he quickly tried to jump Tony, “Fuck, are you looking for a fight?”

Dio quickly held Will down and told Will to calm down as Tony and Pepper sat on the only available chair that Dio prepared in the middle of the room.

“A peace-loving philanthropist wouldn’t make fun of anyone’s skin color! I think you have to apologize to my best friend over here. Otherwise, I have to get you out from here.” Dio said while still holding Will to make sure that he won’t pick a fight with Tony.

Tony raised his hands as a sign that he didn’t come to make a scene; he didn’t bring his Mark armor there either.

“You are right. It’s my fault for making fun of other people’s color. But in my defense, your buddy was so rude as to associate me as an arms dealer! Sure, I used to love it before, but now I hate it with my guts!” Tony said honestly.

Dio knew what Tony said was true! He was a man of his word.

If Tony already said that he didn’t like something, it would be almost an impossible effort to change his mind!

Therefore, that was the best apology that he could give Will!

Dio patted Will’s back as he said, “Let’s forget this.”

Seeing both Will and Tony had no complaint, Dio gave Will a buck load of money and gave him a half-day off.

Dio knew that Tony wouldn’t be able to hold his mouth for long, and at some point, he will be offended again.

Furthermore, there was some of their next conversation that he didn’t want Will to hear and involved in. He would love for Will to avoid the mess that will follow Dio in the future.

After Will left with a happy smile on his face, Dio immediately asked, “Why you come here? I must prepare for the next customers when they came for their reservation.”

“You don’t need to do that, Pepper already called them all to cancel, and that made Pepper and me as the only customer who came today.” Tony said all that with pride in his eyes.

“So, you are here for a meal? That’s it?” Dio said while also annoyed since Tony was really prideful of something stupid.

“Yes, that’s it! Even though you still haven’t served us any drink yet, but yes! We’d still like to have a meal.” Tony said casually.

Dio was annoyed by Tony’s attitude.

If Tony weren’t a customer, he would’ve made sure to throw him out and make sure that he will never come back to the restaurant ever again.

However, Dio knew that Tony was there to bring him a lot of cash!

So, he needed to bear it for now!

At the same time, Pepper has already had it!

She deeply respected Dio as he was the one who saved Tony and her while they could be dead at the time.

So, she shushed Tony and spoke for them both!

“This time, we are here to express our gratitude to you for saving us while the mercenaries were trying to kill us!” Pepper said honestly.

Tony couldn’t stay silent and remark, “Dio only saved you. The agent was the one who saved me.”

That remark got him a slap on the shoulder by Pepper, and as he saw Pepper’s face, Tony quickly silence himself.

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